How should i plan….

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I have a annual salary of over 6 lakhs per annum….im planning to start SIPs from this may onwards……..aiming


1. Tax Saving(Approx Rs 5000/pm)

2.  Paking of money for annual expenditure using SIPs for compulsary obligations such as Term insurance premium (Jun),Health insurance (Dec),College fees (Jun),Car Insurance (Dec)…..Rides and tours on bike or otherwise atleast twice a year + Procurement of annual rations (Rs 10000) (Total of aprrox Rs 8000 per month)

3. Other than this i have about Rs 20000 bal from salary for investing through SIP.


I am a Govt employee with govt accomodation as yet, we travel a lot (Due to postings every two years) and due to my hobby of doing Bike rides (Which also figures in my annual expenditure list).


One more point to ask fundsindia provides ready to go portfolios how are they shortlisted? can i use them for my sips….also my salary comes at 1st of every month … good is the idea of transfering all  the money into liquid funds and removing it as per requirements.


please advice


Thanks in advance




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  1. Dear Avinash, please do not invest a single paisa from your pocket. Yes you read it right, please do not invest any paisa. First of all please invest your time. Please read the past discussions here in the forum. You ‘ll gain a lot in terms of knowledge. After 1-2 months, come here again & update us with your learning. If you are in doubt even then, please ask for help & we ‘ll try to help you out.

    Nothing is better than self learning.



  2. Sonali Suman says:

    Hey, in order to manage your investment funds in the right way it is recommended to opt for the investment portfolio management services. I know for a fact that DBS Bank in India provides with such services effectively. Maybe, you can check out on their website for more information on the same.


    1. Ramesh says:

      That does not give an automatic great return. There is no alternative to self-learning.

  3. You should first understand what MFs are for. Certainly not for things listed in 2. Use recurring deposits for these

    Equity MF investments are for long term goals like retirement.
    Open a PPF acc and invest some portion each month for tax saving. Use a MF like quantum tax saver for rest.

    You need to list your long and short term goals and invest accordingly. Have a contingency fund of 6-12 months of monthly expenses in a SB acc and liquid fund.

    Don’t lock all your money in SIPs until you have enough liquid cash for contingencies.

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