How safe is it to buy insurance from sites like

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I recently checked out the site for health & car insurance, the rates are tremendously low,What one has to do is compare select & pay. Documents are sent to some chennai address. What do you guys think about it

Minimum Health insurance is

Rs 2400 from United India,Iffco Tokio General & Star Health, for 1 year & SA as Rs 200000.

Minimum Car insurance is Bajaj allainz

Model : Tata indigo CS

Premium : Rs 7400

Is it safe to use these sites & pay them. How can we verify such sites.

Please advice.


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  1. Nikhil Parchure says:

    I used these online site options for research and then go through the insurance company with my insurance agent

    1) Personalised service from agent
    2) Cross check possible with online site to confirm if agent is not misselling unwanted policies

    Nikhil Parchure

  2. Maheshwar Mundri says:

    I recently have taken Kotak Term Plan through easyinsuranceindia. After payment, they communicated to Kotak Mahindra life insurance and the kotak mahindra contacted me and collected the relevant documents within next 1 week. After medical test, the policy was issued in next 5 days. Easyinsuranceindia is I think reliable web based agent which is at Chennai. But they tried to tell me endowment plans wwith higher premium, instead of term plan as there is no survival benefit in case of term plans and agent commission is at lower side.
    But easyinsuranceindia is better site as compared to policybazar, insurancemaal, beamadeals, getmeinsured etc. easyinsuranceindia gives the online comparision of premiums from different insurers wheras the others don’t give such accurate information, rather they will ask you your contact details and later call you.

  3. Avinash Borse says:

    Vehicle Details

    Manufacturer Name : Tata Motors
    Model Name : INDIGO CS GLS
    Manufactured year : 2009
    Current showroom price (Rs.) : 399444
    Type of Ownership : individual
    Purchase / Registration date : 17/12/2009

    Policy Details

    Company Name : Bajaj Allianz General
    TPPD Basic Premium : 800
    Insured Declared Value (IDV) : 324151
    Compulsory PA Cover : 100
    Own Damage Premium : 7757
    Bifuel Kit Liability Premium : 0
    Electrical Accessories Premium : 0
    Legal liability To paid Driver : 25
    Non Electrical Accessories Premium : 0
    PA Cover for Unnamed Passenger : 0
    Bi Fuel kit Premium : 0
    Liability Total (B) : 925
    Fibre Glass Tank Premium : 0
    Own Damage Total (A) : 7757
    Anti Theft Device Discount : 0
    Automobile Association Membership Discount : 0
    Voluntary Deductible Discount : 0
    No Claim Bonus Discount : 1939 (25%)
    Total Premium (A+B-C) : 6743
    Handicapped Discount : 0
    Service Tax (D) : 695
    Discount Total (C) : 1939
    Final Premium (A+B-C+D) :7438


  4. Avinash Borse says:

    One more quote fronm the same website. Age given was 24.

    Company Name : Iffco Tokio General
    Plan Name : Base Plan 200000
    Coverage : 200000
    Premium : 1989
    Service Tax (10.3%) : 205
    Total Premium : 2194
    Policy Type : Health

    Seems too good to be true!

  5. Avinash Borse says:


    Is there typo in your reply “however this company easyinsuranceindia is now a very famous or well known one .”, Do you want to say that this website is not very well known?
    Hence i should be avoiding it.or is it the other way round?

    Thx & Regards,


    1. Yep

      I meant not famous and not well known.

  6. Avinash

    These days there is a trend of online agents selling insurance like , etc , however this company easyinsuranceindia is not a very famous or well known one at this moment.

    I would personally avoid them based on the fact that they are not very known and they do not look that professional if you look at their website . At least it does not appeal me.

    However if you want to buy things online , you can safely do it through , . At the end its your call


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