How long surge of stock market will remain ?

POSTED BY Raju Khose ON September 25, 2010 9:55 am COMMENTS (4)

Considering the current surge in SENSEX one is wondered/worried that how long this will remain like this. Is there any chance of going down to 8k figure again? Is it the right time to invest in Market ?

What are the other options available which will give better returns on short term basis?

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  1. Ankur Lakhia says:

    Frankly speaking, no one knows answer of this question.

    Assuming your investment horizon is long (say 10 years plus), best way would be to start investing with small amounts and be prepared to invest more if much awaited correction comes.

    If your investment horizon is 3 years or less then I would advise to stay away from stock markets as valuations are high currently. For short horizon, it would be better to park money in bank FDs in current scenario.

  2. @Raju

    I would suggest rather than waiting for the next crash atleast utilize this current opportunity and invest for short term when you see 5-10% corrections . Its more easier to make money in this kind of market


  3. The best way is make trailing stop-loss. Do not make any fresh investments at this stage. Profit booking days are coming from next week.

    Technically speaking, 8,000 again is difficult to see, at least in coming couple of years.

    Hope it will help you.

  4. rakesh says:

    I feel markets will consolidate futher, with the inflow of FII funds we might even see 21k levels at sensex. But before that we need to have a meanigful correction.
    5-10% correction is not ruled out. But the overall picture is good, hopefully sensek will touch 21k by Diwali.

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