How LIC calculates surrender value ?

POSTED BY aeiou280 ON February 6, 2015 9:47 am ONE COMMENT

I have taken LIC jeevan saral 4 years back. I have paid 4 premiums of 24000 each. I wanted to surrender the policy and today I went to surrender the policy and the LIC guys told me that the surrender value is 65000.

I am not sure how LIC calculates the surrender value. It says that you will get 90% of the maturity sum assured if 4 or more premiums are paid. How that value comes to 65000 ?

Can anyone here explain please ?

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  1. How do they calculate the Surrender value is not available in public domain as far as I know . However each plan already has the tables of surrender value and how much you will get it . Its a complicated calculation does by actuaries and I think you should not get into it else things will become messy .

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