How is my Portfolio..Pls advise

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I am 39 years old ,single…I plan to invest for 10 years…

I have been investing in these funds since last 2 and half years via Monthly SIP
Hdfc Top 200 -Rs 6K monthly SIP
Dsp Black Rock Equity- Rs 3K montly SIP
IDFC Premiur Equity Growth – Rs 2K monthly SIP
Reliance Gold Savings Fund- Rs 2K Monthly SIP
New Pension Scheme(NPS) – Rs 3k Monthly
Templeton India Pension Plan- Rs 1.5K Monthly SIP
How is my Portfolio?

I am thinking of Stopping my DSP BR Equity Fund and replace it with FRANKLIN India Blue Chip
And also thinking of Stopping Templenton India Pension Plan and invest that money in PPF monthly or invest in Franklin US opportunity Fund…

Pls suggest
Awaiting all of urs valuable advise

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  1. Dear Shiraz, If you want to reduce the eq. exposure from your portfolio, My take ‘ll be to increase PPF or PF or the debt part of your NPS. Prudence itself is an Eq. fund as all of the times to gain from tax arbitrage for the investors, it remains more than 65% Eq.

    Hope it suits you & your portfolio.



  2. says:

    Hi Ashal
    Thanx for ur reply
    Since I will be having HDFC 200,DSP Equity,Franklin India Blue Chip,Idfc Premiur Equity in my portfolio and loaded with equity…would it be advisable to with HDFC Prudence …as it would be over diversified…
    would do u say?

  3. Dear Shiraz, as per valueresearch site, HDFC Top 200 is classified as Large & midcap fund whereas DSP Eq. is a multicap fund. So dumping one for other is not right. Franklin Bluechip is a pure large cap fund, hence over all these 3 funds gel well in your portfolio with fair diversification.
    HDFC Prudence is one of my all time favorite & it has proved it’s worth again & again. Should I say more?
    The feeder funds are a mean to invest our money other than indian markets. From the diversification point of view, it looks good on paper but please judge yourself, have you invested in Indian securities enough that you need diversification?



  4. says:

    Hi Ashal
    Thanks for the advise…
    1.Hdfc 200 is also a multicap fund like DSP Equity…So wont it better to take Franklin Blue chip as it is purely large cap…

    2.I forgot to mention I have HDFC Prudence fund and have been investing Rs 3000 monthly since 3 yrs…Its SIP period has finished ….Should I continue with it seeing my portfolio…

    3.And how would be the new Franklin US opportunity Feeder Fund …If I add would it diversify my portfolio…
    Pls see my portfolio above and advise me on these 3 points and if you have some extra advise I would be grateful…
    Thanks Again

  5. Dear Shirazcool, Please do not stop DSP Eq. as it’s a multicap fund. Please use that Templton India Pension Plan SIP to invest in Franklin India Bluechip fund growth option.

    Regarding PPF, you may divert a part of your NPS amount.



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