How good are the insurances from Indian Health Organisation?

POSTED BY madhumita.mohona ON March 6, 2012 9:15 am COMMENTS (4)

How good are the insurances from Indian Health Organisation?

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  1. says:

    Please have a look at to know about IHO. They are providing a health card at a low cast which covers even the OPD costs and medicines. I needed your valuable inputs before deciding whether to apply for this card or not.

    1. Dear Madhumita, What I understood from the link provided by you is IHO has tied up with individual doctors & path. labs to provide covers for routine medical expenses @ a discounted rate. Please try to understand all the ifs & buts before before signing on the dotted lines.

      Honestly, till date, I have not heard this organization so I can’t provide any insight on it’s working & the benefits it’s claiming for it’s members.



    2. jain1208 says:

      Hi Madhumita,

      I have heard of IHO and the plans that they have definitely are encouraging. Though you would find a lot of negative views on their products & services, however I am using their services & find them to be really useful. They are not the most professional companies, but I would assume that to be because they are new & small. I became a member because i liked their concept & approach. You should give it a try..


  2. What is Indian health organisation ? Please ask your question in detail and ask very specific thing which you want to know .

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