How Frauders know our policy details ?

POSTED BY shukla_kg ON October 6, 2014 6:37 pm COMMENTS (5)

I had also received the fraud call saying from IRDA. I was just transferring money as suggested. but I caught that they seems to be fraud. finally got your contact and came to know the entire story of fraud.

only one thing I coulnd not understand, if they came to know our policy no then also how they know our entire policy details that how much I have paid till so far and other details, which I did not disclose. please suggest something on it. or if have only shared my policy no of LIC, can they misuse it.


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  1. Kshitij_Peter says:

    When PPF accounts are being leaked, what about the insurance policies. These are many back offices where people are either fraud or negligent.

    That is why I ask people many times when they are lazy or frivolous in their work(office tasks) what if someone was careless with your data?

    1. Thanks for sharing that !

  2. Hemanth says:

    In my opinion, employees or any people who have access to the company’s details only share these details to other companies for money.

    Read some where in a news paper, that our mobile no. will be shared to other companies for 30-50 ps.

    Now, they are sharing our policy details also…. God save us.

    1. shukla_kg says:

      Thanks Hemanth, means if my policy is with LIC then LIC type of highly reputed company might have shared the details.

      1. Hemanth says:

        We can’t say whether LIC is involved in it…. Some employees who have access to these info might have misused it for his/her benefit, which we can’t do anything about….

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