How does permanent disability is decided : term insurance plan

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How does the permanent disability is decided by insurance company? I along with my friends had a long discussion on this item and we were really not able to conclude. 

Example situation :

If some one gets into eye injury/disease where he/she losts both the eyes or gets a partial vision due to some nerve injury. With this he/she might not be able to work.

Will this be considered as Permanent disability?

This is just an example. Would be great, if you can share your knowledge on the permanent disability evaluation procedure.




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  1. Dear Dinesh, your understanding is right but this disability should be certified by the doctors.



  2. Dinesh Bhat says:

    Thanks alot for your answers. It clarified my doubt. Now I have better understanding on the permanent disability 🙂 … To summarize my understanding, any unfortunate event making a person in “non workable” condition be considered as Permanent disability 🙂 …
    Hope this is right.


  3. Dear Dinesh, if there is loss of total vision in both eyes which ‘ll be permanent in nature, it ‘ll be termed as PTD. Permanent Total Disability. If due to some accident, for a period, there was total vision loss & if same was recovered later on, either by it’s own or through medication, till the time of vision loss, it ‘ll be classified as TTD Temporary Total Disability. In case there is partial vision loss, which can not be restored, it ‘ll be called PPD Permanent Partial Disability.

    Hope it clarifies the matter for you. At the end of the day, in case of a claim, the opinion of the doctors of the insurer ‘ll matter most.



  4. Many sites like united India give a clear indication of what they consider permanent disability

    loss of 1 or 2 eyes would be permanent disability

    partial vision will need doctors opinion yours and the insurers if needed. If partial vision can be corrected by surgery then it maybe difficult to get cover. How much the partial vision will affect job etc. all this will be considered with doctors certificate. There may be delays if a second opinion is sought and if it differs from first

    There are several grey areas and this has to be handled case by case. Only a person who works in a claims dept can answer this with any authority.

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