How do we calculate % returns on mutual fund folio!

POSTED BY Urvashi ON December 4, 2010 8:36 am COMMENTS (4)

HI All,


I bought a folio in SBI MF about a year back with an monthly SIP of Rs 2000, now there’s some value of it, how do i know what percentage has it given till now.




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  1. Urvashi

    You should be using IRR function in Excel or google spreadsheet, learn about it here :


  2. Ajay says:


    You can create a portfolio on and enter the data there. It will show you the returns you got. Moreover you will be able to track any future investments and additional funds also over there.

    1. anand says:

      i hv made such portfolio at VROL . but it has mentioned only about lumpsum investment and not about tracking SIPs . or am i missing something ?

      1. Ajay says:

        Anand, There is an option in VROL for adding funds with SIP. You can add the fund in your portfolio and keep tracking them

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