How can my wife claim back the TDS cut from her salary being a consultant ?

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My wife works full time in a private  organization? But she is considered as consultant in the organization and TDS is deducted from her salary every month. End of the year she gets her TDS certificate for her employer. Please guide us as to what investment can she show to claim her TDS while filing income tax returns? I tried to search threads on this topic but did not find any suitable discussions.

Few questions:

1. How much HRA can she show? (Does normal HRA rules apply or ay other specific rules are  for consultants?)

2. What investment can be shown ?



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  1. jackvij2002 says:

    Thank for all the inputs.

    Her ACTC is 4,00,000/- PA.

    Current investment: ELSS of 12,000/- and I assume i can show HRA but not sure how much i can as HRA component is not available in her CTC.

    @Ashalanshu – She tried to check with HR and CA but no body giving her clear picture. I want a broad idea as to what investment can be done so that i can plan for the same and then i will talk to CA / Tax professional

  2. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Jackson, as she is treated as a consultant not as an employee, she can claim a lot of expenses done by her for her consultant job. I w’d request you to discuss the matter either with a CA or Tax professional or some one else over e-mail as it ‘ll require personal data crunching which you may not prefer in such open forum.



  3. anil says:

    What is her annual income , if there is no taxable income then she just has to file returns to claim the TDS amount deduction.

  4. AJ PlanRupee says:


    – All 80C investments can be shown. (Insurance premium, ELSS-Mutual Fund Investments, PPF contribution, 5 year Tax deductible FD) and so on.
    – Also, 80D (Health/Mediclaim premium) is also deductible.

    Hope this helps.

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