How can I donate to help poor ?

POSTED BY Ratan.R ON November 21, 2014 1:44 pm COMMENTS (5)

I always wanted to contribute for helping poor. Recently I came across a lot of NGOs, please clarify what I have to do if I try to donate for helping poor.

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  1. Reji m says:

    You can use
    Here you can find various NGO projects and you can make your donation.

  2. vinay100 says:

    Best way i think is u can buy breakfast or lunch or roti or rice and make them in packets and then carry them and hit the road and try to give them by ur hand. My personal experience is that me and my wife cooked around 10kgs of rice and then filled them in packets and we both drive into the city and gave it to the old people who are really hungry and whom no one cares about. my thinking is we can do this atleast once in a year so that we can have some time for them. Few beggers were thanking us and cried out and some prayed for God. That really makes u feel happy that u did something. Though it is small amount of money u spend for that but still its worthy.

    1. Prashant says:

      Vinay100 ,
      That indeed a very nice idea.Thanks for doing that 🙂

  3. Prashant says:

    I would suggest instead of going to NGO’s why dont you check people around you (slums/people below poverty line) can actually help them out financially .. This will make your self more happy as you know that the money is rigthly use.
    You can donate money to people who are actually in need , who work ,please dont give to beggers … Anyways this are some of my thoughts..

  4. ashadatta says:

    Please contact a good NGO for helping poor with and tell them your intentions, they will clarify all your doubts. I think you should donate to one of them who have certain programs for the protection of young children.

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