How Accidental Life Insurance differ from Regular Life insurance?

POSTED BY Surabhi Rajan ON September 24, 2010 3:27 pm COMMENTS (6)

While I was reading about ICICI Prudential “iProtect” Term Insurance, came across two options, Regular and Accidental life insurance. What are the differences between them? If somebody takes a Regular Life Insurance and passes away in an accident, wouldn’t the insurance company pay for beneficiary? (If this questian sounds silly, bear with me )

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  1. Vishnu Prasath says:

    Accidental Life Insurance is lot cheaper than Term Life Insurance. I remember United India Insurance gives 1 Lakh Coverage for less than Rs.200 @ age of 25.

    For people who cannot (really) afford the insurance, this will be real value as a basic insurance.

  2. Manish Bansal says:

    Sure you r welcome
    Your Questions enhances our knowledge also

  3. Manish Bansal says:


    Nice Questions by u?

    Don’t Hesitate in asking any question as there might be many people who also don’t know answer to your question but hesitate to ask due to public fear or laughing but one should clear every doubt in mind which makes decision making stronger and also helps others.

    Really thanks to Manish for such a nice Platform

    I would like to encourage every reader to post at least one unique question which will really help all Readers.

    1. Hi Manish B & Manish C,

      Thanks a lot for your time and answers.

      This forum is a great move for financial education for whoever needed!
      (With this courage I can ask more my silly/basic questions) 🙂

      Regards, Surabhi

  4. Surabhi

    Thats a valid doubt 🙂 . There is lot of confusion on this , let me clear it 🙂

    Any insurance plan will definately pay incase you die in accident. So even iProtect accidental death is covered .However if you go for Accidental rider , your family will get extra money in case you die from accident over and above the base cover . So if you take an insurance of 1 50 lacs with 25 lacs accidental rider , you will get 50 lacs + 25 lacs incase you die from accident , and you get 75 lacs if you die from accident .

    However if you take just 50 lacs normal cover without any accidental rider, then you get 50 lacs incase of your death , it can be accidental or non-accidental , does not matter 🙂 .

    I hope you got the point . here is the article , go through the article and the comments :


    1. Manish Bansal says:

      Surabhi I would also Like to Add to Manish Answer Some Companies provide Accidental Death and Dismemberment Rider ( ADD ) which means 100% of the coverage face amount paid in case of death due to accident.
      100% of the coverage amount paid in case of loss of more than one limb or sight in both eyes or loss of one limb and sight in one eye.

      50% of the coverage face amount is paid in case of loss of one limb or sight in one eye.

      Its good to take such rider as they don’t cost a lot but safeguards us from a any mishappening but please check Validity conditions of company before taking any such Riders

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