Home Loan Switching from HDFC Bank to SBI – To do or Not to do ?

POSTED BY RD ON March 15, 2014 9:06 am COMMENTS (2)

Dear Manish & Friends,

Let me start with humble acceptance that I am a big time follower of your website and many ‘right’ financial decision that I have taken in last one year is just because of great guidance that I got from you all.

I am posting a big confusion that is roaming all around my mind from a very long time.

I have a HDFC bank loan @ 11 % ( 10.25-base rate +0.75 – markup). 28 lakh loan/20 years

This is pretty high if I compare with what SBI is offering, i.e., 10.10% ( 10+0.10)

I checked with SBI folks and they are willing to initiate my transfer. I guess evaluation, legal, processing if all charges are added, it may come around INR 20K

I am satisfied with the customer service and other easy online support available in HDFC bank. I checked with them and they said they would like to retain me with the bank and giving me an offer that if I pay around INR 8K, my slab will change to 10.45 % ( 10.25-base rate +0.25 -markup)

I am totally confuse, what to do ? Which is the best option in longer run ?

Need help!



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  1. RD says:



  2. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Rd, please pay 8000 Rs. and stay within HDFC to save your pain and legwork. As post payment of 8000 Rs. the difference ‘ll be very less.



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