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POSTED BY BIBEK DAS ON February 28, 2013 5:35 pm COMMENTS (3)

2 years back in 2011 I settled one of my credit card (Axis Bank) with 12,000 (actual balance 21000). One that time i had balance(around 1.5 lakhs with 3 cards) in other credit cards also but i didnt settle those. Instead I paid all the dues slowly, because some of friend told that doing settlement can not be a good idea for future. And by 2012 I was fully out of any dues. My credit fistory is clear from one year.

Now recently I booked a flat and applied for a home loan at IDBI. The told the same thing to the sales guy. he told me that it can be managed. But after seeing all comments, I am little scared. Just wanted to know, does bank consider little bit in case of secured loan like home loan in spite of old settlement? Also the other banks are behind me to give me home loan. I told the same story to all the sales guys and they are also saying it is managable, but DID NOT fill the application form as I learned in the comments that filling too many comments can hamper the credit. Should I apply in other banks? Or should I wait till IDBI say something about this? What is the probability of getting loans. I have applied joint loan with my wife for 24 lakhs. My current take home salary is more than 70,000 and my wife’s 36,000 which is much above the salary criteria. Will this help?

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  1. Dear Bibek, please wait for the outcome of IDBI’s reply on your case.



  2. BIBEK DAS says:

    As I told earlier, I settled only the Axis Bank credit card, rest all cards I paid the full dues.

  3. Dear Bibek, Did you settle or paid full amount (although slowly) for all those CCs? Please clarify.



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