home loan or SIP investment

POSTED BY vijay ghadge ON April 6, 2013 12:26 pm COMMENTS (4)

Dear all,

          I am confused about to plan my finances.

My main question is for the long term perspective ,whether to buy a second home through home loan or invest in mutual fund through SIP.

Which stratergy will be useful and very best.

Kindly advice me.

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  1. Dear Dev, thanks for making classical mistake of looking for 1Y or 2Y return when criticising MF investing. Should I add more?



  2. Dev says:

    Present Realty prices make you think , not to invest in home loan. But again my question is regarding SIP , how to choose fund . Do we need to look past 5 years of performance or any other route/strategies involved.

    Even present market shows that MF also getting some negative returns for the past 1 year,.

  3. Dear Vijay, in case of home loan, loss in terms of interest outgo is known, earning in terms of capital appreciation is unknown. SIP in MFs- earning in terms of capital appreciation is unknown but at least loss is not that much unknown.

    My personal take for my own money is to opt for MF SIP.



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