Home loan from HDFC or LIC

POSTED BY Sachin Bhawsar ON July 3, 2012 9:58 am COMMENTS (7)

Hi sir,

I am regular reader of your blogs & thanks for all the important information shared by you.

I am taking home loan but unable to decide, with whom should I go?

As the property is in Pradhikaran & on lease for 99 years SBI is not giving loan on it.

HDFC & LIC is giving loan & enquired both.

HDFC :- ROI is 10.5% floating.

LIC :- ROI is 10.4% floating & 10.7% fixed for 3 years.

LIC guy told me that the after three month floating rate will become approx 11.5% based on RPL, so they are suggesting for fixed for three years. Also told that same thing will happen to HDFC loan after three month there rate will also increase but HDFC not told that. They simply replied that the ROI will be based on RPL. Some of the friend who has taken loan from HDFC are giving ROI as 11.5%.

Hence I am unable to decide, pl guide me.

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  1. Sachin Bhawsar says:

    Thanks Sir,
    What about home loan from IDBI. I am planning to take from IDBI as it is now under govt.
    Pl reply.

  2. vij says:

    Hello Ashal,

    Could you please explain the rational behind preferring HDFC over LICHF for the house loan

    Thanks in advance

    1. Dear Vij, the size of HFC (HDFC) & the pan india reach is the reason of opting.



  3. Dear Sachin, as SBI is not available to you, Please go with HDFC’s 10.5% floating offer. Alternatively You may try with Axis Bank also.



    1. retipser says:

      Sorry,i didn’t want to raise another question on the similar topic.
      Hi Ashal,
      could you please tell me if HDFC floating of 10.5% is better than LIC 10.4%.
      If so , do you foresee a bump up in interest rates considering several bps that the interest rates have risen..

      I am planning to take a home loan,i am as confused between HDFC10.5% FLT versus LIC10.4% FLT…

      Thank you,

      1. Dear retipser, please opt floating of 10.5% of HDFC.



        1. retipser says:

          Thanks Ashal,,such a quick reply..
          I am going with your suggestion and opting for HDFC 10.5% float..

          I hope i made the right decision…

          Thanks again

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