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POSTED BY Rizwan Rakhangi ON February 4, 2013 12:45 pm COMMENTS (2)

Me and my wife used to live in my prent owned home which is located in good place (White listed area) now me and my wife shifted to diff place which is a black listed area (when u apply for CC or P-Loan it will disapprov) now in few month we are plaaning for new home load everthing is okey such as CIBIL and all 


My concern is will this (black listed )address effect on my home as this area is black listed 


when i will apply i will give my parent address permenent address & this as resident address 


(what i planned is to take a flat on rent is some good locality for 4 month and than apply)


give me best solution 


Additional Info : We both are working in Listed PVT company

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  1. Credexpert says:

    Dear Rizwan,

    If your credit score is good, then we assume that there should not be any problem in the approval of your mortgage application, irrespective of the black listed location.


  2. Dear Rizwan, the case of CC & PL is different than home loan. CC & PL are unsecured loans where as home loan is a secured loan. You are mortgaging your home to the bank towards the loan. so this black list thing ‘ll not come into picture if all other things are ok including your CIBIL score & report. Just to reassure you, I applied for CC from my so called black listed address & was unable to get one but from the same address I availed ny car loan as well as home loan. Car loan was from ICICI & Home loan was from SBI. Now you know already that both these loans are secure loans.

    Please apply with out any doubt.



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