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POSTED BY Pratibha ON December 2, 2012 11:31 am COMMENTS (2)

Now a days I assume majority of the Home Owners are buying Home Insurance Online for protecting the structure/Content.

Question : Insurance companies don’t even come and look at the house or structure or authenticity. Its very simple, give the amount to be insured and give the address and pay the amt. But i really afraid. when we really in disaster and apply for claim, do they give thousand excuses and reject the claim ?

How do we make sure I am buying right Home Insurance(Structure/Content ) which is honest and less hasle to deal with later when time comes.

I am looking at ICICI lombard as one option. Thanks in advance


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  1. Pratibha says:

    Thank you. Point taken

  2. Claims can be rejected if normal safety norms are violated (electrical circuitry, gas leaks etc.)
    Whoever you get it from best to check the age of wire, gas tube, have a fire extinguisher at home etc. so no carelessness on the part of the home owner can be pointed to,
    They are good practices anyway.

    If you are still worried get it from govt backed insurers (united India oriental. new india) they will probably delay things but should settle normal claims.

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