hemsmail.com email marketing company is fraud – They are not returning my money

POSTED BY johnpeterm ON July 12, 2014 8:25 am NO COMMENTS

I taken their service for sending bulk mail and I have paid them Rs.7500/- for smtp service. When I started sending emails, the emails were not delivering to inbox, and mails gets blocked. When I showed them dashboard and told them that your services is not working, they started blaming me that mails are not opted in.

Their sales guys Neeraj gave me opted in mail list and he asked me to send mails to those list. I sent mails given by their company and sent emails. Again mails are not delivering and it gets blocked. I wrote emails to their support team and sales team, with the proper data why their service is not working and it is no use for me paying Rs.7500/-.

Their support guys never reply to emails, or pick the phone, in case if they pick the phone they talk rudely.

I demanded my money back and they refuse to answer my emails and phone calls.


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