Help to Recover Income Tax Deducted on FD ?

POSTED BY srinivas ON August 27, 2014 10:21 am ONE COMMENT


I’ve a big issue & need immediate assistance.

* I opened a FD account for 2 lacs on 29.08.2013 & the same due to mature this 29.08.2014.

* After a year when i checked with AM of the bank, she told Rs. 2213 has been deducted on 26.03.2014 – exactly 5 months back for non-submission of 15G & PAN – )i.e) 20% deduction.

* I’ve zero liability tax with my office & all docs were properly submitted last year.

* Also, i don earn more than Rs. 10k int on SB a/c with any bank.

This happens to be a huge loss for me. Can anyone spend some time with kindness and suggest the detailed procedure to recover the entire deduction.

As i am new to this recovery processes, a detailed note wuld assist much.

DA, pls suggest asap.


T&R, Srinivas

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