Help to choose the right credit card for doing only International transactions ?

POSTED BY AkshayRP ON June 30, 2014 7:38 pm COMMENTS (5)


I have my accounts in SBI, ICICI & HDFC and I want to get a credit card.

But I won’t be using it for shopping/fuels/bills instead I only need it for international online transaction that can be done only by credit card and my yearly transaction would be within Rs. 20,000.

I am looking for a card that has No annual fees lifetime some cards do say that but in the second year they will charge annual fee and I don’t want that. I am ready to pay joining fee if needed but don’t want to pay any Annual fee.

Please can anyone suggest a credit card that has no annual fee for lifetime.
It would be helpful if you can tell with your experience and how many years you are using it.


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  1. rockingguy says:

    Try using ICICI debit card. It usually works on PayPal and other foreign transactions

    1. AkshayRP says:

      I have tried a lot of debit cards. I actually develop apps for iOS & Android for that purpose i need to get Apple Developer & Google Developer accounts for which I need to subscribe to their yearly fee.

      I know Debit cards from HDFC & ICICI work for international transactions and I do use paypal with it, but as I said for these particular merchant websites debit cards don’t work nowadays due to the extra securities that has been implemented recently. I tried Sbi Maestro card(which is not even international), ICICI Mastercard, ICICI Visa card & HDFC Mastercard but nothing worked. And I have done a lot of research that confirms that debit cards won’t work on these sites.

      So my only option is Credit Card. It will be helpful if I can get info about Credit Card only.

  2. AkshayRP says:

    No, there is only option to transact with Credit card or Debit card. But most of the Indian debit cards don’t work due to many policies by Indian Banks and the payment has to be made to U.S.

  3. Hemanth Chandra says:

    Can you check whether there is an option to transact via Paypal

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