Help the newb in financial planning

POSTED BY Revathy ON October 29, 2012 8:07 pm COMMENTS (3)

Hi everybody,

It is my very first post here.This is raju and my take home is 13000/pm in coimbatore.I am married lives in rented house with my wife.( my age is 31 and my wife’s is 26 ).Till date my wife is working and she earns 20000/pm and she is going to become a mother soon hence she will leave her job.i haven’t think of financial planning before, now it sacres me..

So far we have saved 65000 rupees, now which we keep in our savings a/c.also i have sold of my plot in my native and got the 7 lachs of rupees which will be received within 2weeks of time.

As i am in rented house , i am thinking of buying a plot using that 7 lachs.but still not decided to settle here in coimabtore.

So here i am looking for some financial guidence /advices

  • whether to buy a plot or not? if  not what are possibilities to invest that money.
  • what are the steps to be done for our financial management.
  • Till date no loans / credit
  • currently myself and my wife not having any mediclaim policy / term insurance.

  • having gold ornaments of 35 Sovereign

Thanks for any help and stopping by…..




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  1. Dear Raju/Revathy, had you taken any step till date or not? Please update us.



  2. Rosh says:

    Dear Revathy,

    1. Buy a Term insurance + medical insurance (family floater)

    2. Keep emergency fund ( 3-6 months expenses + EMI etc.) in savings a/c under auto sweep facility.

    3. if your time horizon is for 10-15 years, invest the remaining amount in equity MF. u can use online platform & its totally free & they have very gud customer service as well. Register yourself & enjoy investing.



  3. Amit A says:

    First and foremost, get medical and term insurance.

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