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Hi Manish/other experts,

I need some advise to buy a critical illness for myself and wife (age – both 29). I have already gone for a online health insurace cover of 15 lakh from Religare (As suggested by MediManage). I am currently undergoing medical tests and other formalities. I wanted to top this up with a critical illness plan (Maybe around 20L). 

I was thiking of either buying from Maxlife OR Icici pru, since both these plans cover the most illnesses and have a higher cover limit.

Request you to kindly suggest me a proper plan/share your thoughts on the best policy available for my requirements.


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  1. Dear Biswa, better late then never. 🙂



  2. Biswa Singh says:

    Hmmmmm I understood it now. Thanks Pattu and Ashal.

  3. Biswa Singh says:

    Hi Ashal,

    I bit confused. Suppose I am detected of brain tumor ( I really dont mean it:)) which is a critical illness then in my policy (5L individual + 15L flotter) so don’t you think it will cover the whole surgery charge including pre and post hospitalization.

    If i dont understand CI properly then is it only for getting the lump sum amount if detected for any critical illness?

    Please explain.

  4. Dear Biswa, what dear Pattu was telling is different from your own understanding. You are focusing only on the basic hospitalization related expense coverage whereas dear Pattu was focussing the real Critical Illness cover that ‘ll provide a lump sum money (sum assured) in the event of the illness detected to the insured person.

    Unfortunately, in your case, it’s plain vanilla health insurance & CI policy WE (Pattu & myself) are referring to is not the part of it.



  5. Biswa Singh says:

    Hi Pattu,

    Can you please check with the customer care of Max Bupa regarding Hear Beat Family Flotter Gold & Heart Beat Family First Gold policy? I have confimed this point with many of their executives. “All pre and post hospitalization is covered” and it includes all kind of illness. Whatever excluded are there in the exclusion list. You can check that in the exclusion list.

    During medical checkup if any critical illness is detected then the waiting period is 4 years.
    Anyways please let me know if you find anything?

  6. Biswa Singh says:

    Why to buy a health insurance and again worry about the critical illness cover. Isn’t good if a health insurance policy covers all the critical illness??

    When i was doing research about health insurance finally i settlled with Max Bupa. Its has Heartbeat Family Flotter & Fmaily First plans. They cover all the critical illness but the premimum will be at bit higher end. If you want then please do the research about Max Bupa plans and if it fits to your pocket then go for it. If you like it then you can always return your current health insurance druing the free look up period of 15 days once you get your insurance papers.

    1. Biswa,

      I looked this policy and I don’t see CI cover there. I am sure you are aware that CI cover is not related to hospitalization or medical expenses in any way. It only provides lumpsum if a person is detected with an eligible CI and survives for 60-90 days depending on policy.

  7. Dear Pattu, thanks for the suggestion of DNA mapping to know the history. Yes indeed it’s a good option to select before selecting the CI itself.



    1. Not sure if one should take before taking the policy! Especially if the person has a strong conscience 🙂

  8. Dear Ppabbe, please do check what are the additional 18 illness or what are the illness which are exclusively covered by Max Bupa & not available in Bharti at all?

    Interestingly, please try to T&C of a CI plan from any insurer & sit with your family doctor to understand the situations under which the claim ‘ll be granted. Your family doctor’s response ‘ll shock you. I’m dead sure on this. I’m not commenting more here for the reason, I’m not a medico person & can not elaborate the details of medical terminology on my own.

    If I want to simplify the situation, The T&Cs of a CI plan are like that a claim is not going to happen at all. Please do not go by my words & check with your doctor.



    1. Ashal, Nice suggestion. I cant comment on Ppabbe’s doctor. In general family doctors are not competent to judge many CIs. Ramesh’s earlier comment that CI is too specialized for comfort is well taken. However it does provide some protection. The bigger problem is that the sum insured in such plans is very small compared to term insurance and in many cases more expensive. The only advantage: premium is history based but not age based.
      In general if someone has a CI history they should take one. These days such people can do DNA testing for probability of CI available at a cost of about a years CI policy premium.

  9. ppabbe D says:

    Hi Ashal,

    Thanks a lot for responding. This is what MediManage suggested “We would recommend you to go with Bharti AXA. The Policy covers 20 Important Critical illness ailments and continues even if you make a claim.”

    If i compare this with MaxLife – They cover 38 illness and also offer a larger cover.

    I am hence confused and looking for other’s opinions here.


  10. Dear Ppabbe, why are you not consulting medimanage for this CI plan also? Bharti Axa is also covering most no. illness but I can not comment the actual benefit of the same to you or your family.



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