Help required in choosing the good health insurance plan

POSTED BY Brundaban ON February 5, 2015 6:54 pm ONE COMMENT

Dear All,

I’m trying to take a family floater policy for me(36 yrs), wife and a 5 month old girl baby.

why I’m taking longer time to choose the policy is the matter. My wife is diagnosing diabetes and only taking diabetic medicines ( 2tablets per day), and HBA1C value is 6.8.

I’ve sorted out 2 policies like Appol Star helath optima and Max bupa heartbeat.I look for 5 lakh policy.

When queried for details to Star health, they told diabetes will be covered after 4 years but my concern is why don’t they opt for medical test and issue policy, but they are simply saying no need to worry as after 4 yrs all the PEDs will be cover.

While checking max bupa their premium is almost double for 5 lakh policy thus bit confused to take a health insurance.

Pls suggest me a good plan in above scenario.

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  1. MahavirChopra says:

    Hello Brundaban,

    Early age diabetics are difficult to get cover with most Insurance Companies. Hence, it is important to have a good advisor who can get you through the most suitable insurance company.

    Insurance companies don’t feel the need to get medical tests done for younger age groups. They are OK with declarations on your current health condition.

    Note, a medical test may get triggered after you have submitted your proposal and made the payment.

    Apollo Munich does not cover diabetics. So it is out of question.

    Check out plans here: – In case you need any assistance, you can write to

    Mahavir Chopra

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