Help regarding PF query.

POSTED BY Melvin Lobo ON June 8, 2013 5:17 pm ONE COMMENT

Dear Manish – When recently stuck with PF issues , I found your articles. They were immensely helpful. 
I have a question for a friend and need your help –

My friend was working in Pune but was allocated a PF no which was registered under Delhi ( DL/-). Its been 4-5 years since he left the job. Tried to get information on the said PF no., from

However the concerned PF office said that the PF no. is wrong. But that is the PF no mentioned on the salary slip. He was working in Pune, but PF registration no is DL. How do we get the correct PF NO. And to which PF office should this concern be addressed. He addressed it via , to Delhi, South, as the company comes under Delhi South. But they have been unable to help and they closed down the request twice saying get in touch with your employer. Kindly help. How can we get the correct PF no without having to go to the employer? Is there any agency who helps in solving PF related problems with PFO.

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  1. Dear Melvin, contacting the old employer is the only option to know the correct PF number. alternatively, your friend can file an RTI to know the correct PF number from delhi office with out quoting the wrong number, just give his other details & request to get the correct PF number.



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