Help needed on long term financial planning

POSTED BY Puja ON December 17, 2013 1:17 pm ONE COMMENT

Hello Manish,

I need some advice for my long term financial planning. Please check below and provide your advice on same.

My age is 27years.

I have housing loan whose tenure I have reduced to ~12.5years. As a result my Principal component takes care of 80C section for tax rebate.

I have 50lakhs term insurance plan.

I plan to take Medical Insurance Cover of Rs 10 lakhs floater for me and my husband (age 27years)  from Reliagre Care. Please provide your feedback if Religare Care is a good choice and if their claim ratio is high. Please let me know if there are better choices in market. I need a basic Medical Insurance plans without lot of frills attached.

Leaving my home loan EMI aside, I have 25,000 left every month as surplus to be invested. I would like your help on same.

My plan is to build a retirement corpus by investing Rs. 10000 monthly in either RD or PPF. If there are assured MF SIPs, that should also be fine. I need sure returns say after 20years or so.

My current plan is to invest Rs10000/month in RD for 10years at 9 to 9.5 ppa. Then after 10years invest the maturity amount in FD for another 10years (I would get tax benefit on FD upto 1lakhs?) and continue with RD for another 10years. Also, I need some liquidity with this corpus in case of an emergency and I need additional cash to pay my EMI. Howver, I read that tax is appicable on interest earned on RD and PPF is a better option as compared to RD. Hence, I am confused if RD with its higher interest rate would still give lower returns than PPF considering the tax liability. Please advice on same.

The remaining surplus of Rs 15000, I would like to invest in good MF SIPs or other instruments as such.

My aim is to invest say Rs 8000 in SIPs or other instruments which would give me good returns in short term to fulfil my short term financial goals. Please suggest good MF SIPs or stocks for same.

The remaining surplus of about say Rs 7000 in SIPs or other such instruments which would give me good returns in mid to long terms. Please suggest good MF SIPs or stocks for same.

Please suggest your advice on above.

Also, currently I have Rs 40000/- invested in SBI PSU (G) fund which is not giving good returns. I had invested in the fund at NAV of Rs 10.80. However, the current NAV ranges between Rs 6.5 and Rs 7.5. Is there a chance that this fund could perform or is it advisable to exit the MF.

Thank You,

Regards Puja.


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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Puja, are you sure that PPF return ‘ll remain constant as you are demanding assured return from MFs? On the basis of figures quoted by you, why are you not taking help of a paid financial planner?



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