Help needed for Good Financial Plan

POSTED BY edebasis ON January 11, 2012 12:34 pm COMMENTS (3)

I am a 33 year old male and is looking for some help in my financial planning so that I can plan for my sons education , my retirement . I am new to this. Can anyone recommend where and how to start?

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  1. Edebasis

    There are few things you can start with … For your son’s education – without much analysis you can start SIP in equity mutual funds and not worry about its daily or monthly ups and down’s .. For your retirement you can take a balanced approach like SIP in Balanced funds or mixing PPF with mutual funds

    There is a good book by PV Subramanyam on Retirement – you can buy it from flipkart

  2. Dear Edebasis, please write a personal mail to dear Manish Chauhan (owner of this forum & site & he ‘ll help you out.

    In between to increase your own knowledge, you may read all the posts available on forum as well as on jagoinvestor site.

    Also as rightly pointed out by dear Vignesh Bhaskaran, please wait for few more days for Manish’s book.





    You are in the right place. Take some time read all the post in the jagoinvestor old articles. you will get an idea abt financial planning. and then in between if you have any queries you can ask in this forum.

    if you want to wait for sometime u will get everything in a single book compiled by Manish:)))


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