Help me to start my Financial investment, savings, insurence and medi claims

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From last two days, I am visiting your site for financial investment planning. I am also happy to see quick responses on the queries asked on this forum. So I thought to put my details to get some help from you guys as I am totally new and yet to start investment, Savings. Please see my details below –

– Net Salary monthly @ Rs.33300
– Loans EMI @ Rs.5513 till 3 years
– Rent Paying monthly @ Rs.6400
– Credit Card Payment monthly @ Rs.2000 till 8 months
– Monthly Expenses including medicals (family) @ Rs.14000

My Monthly savings is Rs.5000. I am an unmarried male with age as 30yrs. Planning to get married next year.

I am very worried about my future as my saving is very low and expenditure too high. Even for marriage i think i need to take a loan.

MY parents insurence and medical policy lapsed.
My father’s age is 67 and my mother’s age is 56. I am the only source of income. As such there is no liquid funds available. The only assest is our own Home. But I am staying in Chennai wiht my family in a rented house as I am the only support for them.

I tried my best to explain my present situation. Please see you guys, if you all can help me out on to how to handle and plan my financial savings with insurence.
Your advices will be a great help for me as you guys are already experienced in these matters.

Thanks & Regards,

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  1. Dear SD, first of all please accept my congratulations for honestly mentioning your current situation. Now instead of answering your basic query directly, I w’d like you to check the below link –




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