Help me on choosing the first mediclaim policy

POSTED BY Revathy ON November 7, 2012 12:28 pm COMMENTS (5)


Dear all,

I would like to take up a medical insurance under my wife name who is 26 , myself who is 31 and her parents (father in law -51,mother in law – 44). I am in a thought of buying a Oriental family floter policy for 3 lachs coverage.

My father in law is a diabetic insurance at all for anyone.

Can we include my wife’s younger brother who is at the age of 22 and who is still studying. 

Can this policy be continued if my wife is not ….

Please let me know your valuable opinion & suggestions.

Thanks s lot for any help.


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  1. Dear Revathy, thanks for the update. Please keep posting your queries here in the forum.



  2. dear Revathy, what’s the current situation as of now?



    1. Revathy says:

      I have taken family floater policy of oriental for 4 lachs using medimanage.
      Thanks a lot for all your help.

  3. Biswa Singh says:

    You can also check Max Bupa Family First where you can inculde i think around 12 relatives in the same plan.

  4. Aarti Sheth says:

    I will suggest you to check for AB Arogyadan from Andhra bank. For this you need to have an Savings account in Andra bank. This policy does coverage without any medical tests with less premium. So your father in laws question will be solved. For your question of policy after your wife’s death, I would suggest you to open joint account of you and your wife so you and your children can still continue to avail policy even after your wife.

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