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POSTED BY Jayesh ON August 3, 2012 10:37 am ONE COMMENT

Please telll me a health insurance for me which to buy
I am 30 yrs doc recently married no elders in family what u suggest ?
and other thing which i want to know sector best for term plan actually iam confused between LIC and private sect?please tell me where to go?

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  1. BRSINGH says:

    You can check Max Bupa family flotter for your health insurance. Also you can check other providers for the same and compare.

    Regarding term insurance the settlement ratio of LIC is better than any private insurer. But the premium is very high as you have to get the policy via an agent. Incase of private you can do it online so no agent no commission and hence less premium. I have Bharati Max life eProtect, it gives me a cover of 1Cr for 10K premium. If you honestly declare details of you medical history and current medical condition then settlement should not be an issue with private insurer also.

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