Health Insurance – Unsure if I will based in India going forward

POSTED BY Ravi S ON February 13, 2013 8:14 pm ONE COMMENT





I’m a young CA (26) married to a Physiotherapist (25) about a year back. We are planning 2 children – 1st after 1-1.5 years and 2nd after 3-3.5 years from now. We both are relocating to Dubai for job. We both are well covered by our employer over there. i.e USD 100,000 per person.


Does buying a Medical Insurance here in India make any sense? We will be doing short visits to India atleast once every year. We have no clarity if we will come back and settle here in India. We might, we might not. Its 50:50.

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  1. Dear Ravi, please do not purchase any health insurance in India. if you relocate to India after few years, you may purchase at that time as per your requirement. there is more to it, as you people are having NRI status , routine Indian health policies are not available to you.



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