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POSTED BY KK Babu ON April 5, 2012 4:02 pm COMMENTS (2)

Dear All,

Can somebody suggest me a good Health Insurance Policy for my parents (Father – 56 yrs & Mother 51 yrs). Shall we (self & my wife ) also should take policy together with my parents.

Background: Currently, I have a health insurance policy sponsored by Employer for my family and for my parents. We are using the same for the past 2 years. However, now, I am planning to shift the job and in future, I am not sure about getting similar policies from new employer.

My father is a Diabetic. Mother is normal health.

My doubts are:

1. Is it better to have individual policies for my mother & father or single policy for both of them
2. Is it better to have a separate policy for parents or it should include us (me, and my wife) also in the same policy.
3. The policy may include Diabetic complications (may be after 1 or 2 years of starting policy). Coverage of Diabetic is not urgent as the current policy will be in force for next 1 year.

Kindly refer a good health insurance policy.

KK Babu

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  1. Dear KKBabu, In my opinion, please purchase a family floater for you & your family. Please purchase individual policies for your parents. Please do not include father & mother in your family floater for the age of father & known health condition as it may increase the over all prem. outgo for that single family floater covering all members.

    As your father is a diabetic, not many insurer ‘ll cover his illness for initial years. Take note of this.



  2. Abhi C says:

    Looking at your overall profile and your dad and yourself being slightly diabetic(as mentioned in your post regarding your aviva experience), I would suggest you to go for a public insurer first as many private players are a little hesitant in giving diabetics a large cover or they exclude it from the scope of the cover itself.So better go with a public insurer as they have a history of honouring such claims too.

    I would suggest you to have a look at oriental HAPPY FLOATER as it can cover you and your parents and plus it covers your parents at very very competitive premiums.

    The most important part would be to have a good broker.
    They are quite a force during claims and such things especially with public insurers.

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