Health insurance rejected by Religare due to permanent disability

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My health insurance has been been rejected  by Religare due to permanent disability which has no impact on my daily activities.. Checked with two doctor along with my medical reports.. They said that this policy should not rejected as per medical report along with  specified disability .. As its already written in medical report. Kindly suggest

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  1. says:


    Soon i will be applying health insurance from Apolo or max Bupa…

    Thanks Anil…i really appreciate ur followup on this…(ie why i am fan of Jogoinvestor..)

  2. anil says:

    Hi Tushar,
    Is the issue resolved ?.

  3. anil says:

    Thanks for the update Tushar. If they have flimsy grounds to reject your proposal they won’t give the rejection reasons in writing. Most probably you may get call.

  4. says:

    Not resolved yet.. But I got call from Religare and waiting mail confirmation for rejection from Religare end…They are saying policy not rejected on basis of permanent disability.. Just waiting for their confirmation..
    Religare Team.. Kindly revert…

    Then I will do corretice correction for the same…


  5. anil says:

    Hi Tushar,
    Do let us know if you were able to resolve the issue. In case it doesn’t works out you can opt for Apollo /Max Bupa. My friends had good experience with them.

  6. Religare says:

    Dear Mr. Tushar,

    We have noted down your issue and have forwarded the same to the concerned team for the action. Someone from the team will contact you soon.

    In case of any issues/concern, we request you to write to us at with your concern and contact details and we will be able to help you better.

    Please do mention ‘Tushar’ from in your email, and we will take it up on priority.

    Thank you.

    Warm Regards,
    Team Religare

  7. ashalanshu says:

    dear Tushar, you may check with Apollo or Max Bupa or Bajaj.



  8. says:

    I have mailed to religare for clarification Regarding rejection, while Medimanage is suggesting me Oriental Standard product but it has maximum coverage of 5 lakh only. I want to go other product, Kindly suggest and recommend some other company’s Health Insurance

  9. anil says:

    My friend had similar issue with Religare . He suffered from some pre existing illness which was disclosed in the form. How ever when the medical report came out religare team told him verbally you have some complications in ECG. Independent test done by apollo hospital ruled out any complications. Religare is a new player in insurance field , my personal suggestion would be to stay away from them. During the pre-medical test if they can’t be transparent enough , how can we expect them to be there for us in the future.

  10. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Tushar, try to contact Religare again with your medical report and the explaination given by your doctors. Alternatively, you may contact medimanage people.



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