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i want to post a question on behalf of my collegue. He want to take a health insurance plan for his family. He is 31 yrs, his wife is 27, mother around 55, father around 60. He needs to cover all of them in one health plan. He also want such type of plan which will cover the maternity expenses in future. 

Can u please suggest the best suited Health insurance Plan/Policy for him.



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  1. b says:

    Thanx Mr. Ashal Jauhari….

  2. Dear B, please take help of for the detailed job.



  3. b says:

    Thanx Mr. Ashal Jauhari for the reply,

    i am still in the confusion as to what type of plan he should choose. as we do not know much about this whole topic, that is why m taking help of this forum.
    As u had suggested these insurance companies, can u plzz elaborate which plan( name of the policy and its features,etc) from the said companies will be suited best.
    as well as from where to take these plans…from the insurance companies directly..??? or from their websites, or agents…???


  4. Dear B, my take ‘ll be to go for 3+3L Rs. sum assured for both parents & another 3L Rs. family floater for his family. Contact Oriental & Max Bupa, Apollo, Bajaj Allianz.



  5. b says:

    Mr. Ashal Jauhari ,

    Thanx for the prompt reply.

    He is willing to take health plan for his parents, if nt in a single family plan, than separate plan for parents and separate for him and his wife.

    He is working in Govt. deptt and his wife is a pvt. employee.

    Can u plz suggest the best suited plans from govt. as well as pvt. health insurance co.s


  6. Dear B, there is nothing wrong in cover all family members in a single plan but the prem. for the family floater in question ‘ll be very high due to his father’s age & his mother’s age. Is he ready for it?



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