Health insurance from Religare ??

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I want to take health insurance for my mother who is 48 years old (23/02/1964) . She doesn’t have any previous ailments apart from :

1. An fracture on the left knee before 10 years . She has no problem related to that since then

2. Ueterus removal operation before 5 years . She has no complication related to that since then.

I have seen two plans Apollo Munich OPTIMA RESTORE(3lkhs) and RELIGARE CARE(5lkhs) .

THese are my doubts :

1. Apollo is very good plan , but will they accept with 2 points which I have mentioned above .

2. Religare is pretty new and has no review online which is making me hesitant to buy this product .

3. Also if I have taken RELIGARE and it turns out to be a bad choice what will be my options in hand .

4. I dont understand the obsession of medimanage with RELIGARE . I have called three times and all times the CS peoples first advice is : Religare . Is there a tie up ?

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  1. Adithya V.R ds says:

    1. Is Religare a good choice ?

    2. Apollo Munich charges 2k for medical checkup !. Which is not refundable either way ! Thats why I am hesitant

    1. Aditya

      In life insurance and health insurance, the first you need to do is understand how companies work and make profits, what is the model of insurance and how regulator works . If you are clear about it, then will come the trust and the comfort .

      All the companies go through the strict regulations and IRDA has made sure only those companies which comply the norms gets into the system . Insurance is a very long term business and companies entering into it come with very long term vision as India is such a huge market with great opportunity for them .

      Now coming to your question , Its not the question of “If you can trust the company” . That has to be the first thing .. now the question is “Which company” . Yes Religare is new , but each company is new at some point of time, you need to trust them .

      You have to check the features of the product mainly , are you ok with the features Religare provides compared to others ? I have had few friends of mine who contacted and they didnt suggest Religare, they suggested some other companies . Which clearly means that there is no hard-sell-tieup . I cant talk on behalf on them , but understand that they are brokers and they will get the commission from all the companies – A or B or C .

      Religare might be suggested to you because it might be a good fit for you . One of my relatives also went with Religare as it was the best one for their requirements . If you feel Apollo is the one which suits you , then you go with them . Ask for the rational behind the suggestions made by any one (even if its and based on your common sense choose the company .

      Regarding the Rs 2,000 charge by Apollo , understand its business . They will do everything which makes business sense . Generally all the companies ask the customer to pay if they are above a certain age . Else not . Somewhere everything is going to be factored into the premium.. If medical charges are taken , somewhere the premiums will be low , if premiums are low or high , it will reflect into the features .

      I hope this helps .


      1. Adithya V.R ds says:

        Thanks a lot Manish . It helped .

  2. Dear Adithya, if Religare turns out a bad choice, you can port your policy to next insurer of your choice. If you are hesitant to go with Religare, you should go with Apollo as per your comfort level.



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