Health Insurance for my parents who have bad health issues in past

POSTED BY Mohan ON December 27, 2014 1:56 pm ONE COMMENT

Hi, I want to purchase health insurance for my father and mother from a company with good claim settlement ratio. But I am confused with so much information in the internet and can’t able to decide which policy to buy and from which company. I want to know what are the critical factors to be considered for selecting the policy.

Minor expenses can be borned by me. My father is aged 60 years and had a surgery for hernia 2 years back. He is suffering from High Blood Pressure and diabetes at preliminary level. My mother is aged 55 years and has been suffering from diabetes. Please suggest which health insurance to be taken. Your valuable suggestions will help me so much.

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  1. The best option for your case is Oriental .. Because its a govt company and I have found they are more liberal then other health insurance companies, but be ready to pay higher premium due to age and health factors.

    However there is no guarantee , that you will surely get the policy . You can also take our professional assistance on this –


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