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POSTED BY Parag Shah ON December 10, 2011 4:20 pm COMMENTS (3)

Dear All,

My Father’s Age is 61 Yrs. And till to date he don’t have any Health Insurance Or Mediclaim.
I want to purchase Mediclaim for Him. I check for Health Insurance Company and for Premium on

I found 2-3 companies provides Health Insurance up to 70 Yrs. I m looking for ICICI Lombard who provides “Health Insurance” for 3 Lacks @ cost of 20000 PA for above 61 Yrs. old Person. And some critical illnesses are covered after 2 Yrs.

Weather it will be a wise decision to purchase Health Insurance for my Father?
Please require suggestions?


Parag Shah

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  1. Dear Parag Shah, chose the insurer where you are comfortable or already have some relationship. Keeping your father’s age in mind, a stand alone health insurer like Max, Apollo or Star ‘ll be better choice. You may also check oriental’s Varishtha Nagrik yojna.



  2. Parag Shah says:

    Dear Ashal,

    Thanks for advice. I will purchase Health Insurance in this week. But tell me Is ICICI Lombard is good choice? Or kindly suggest me another company ?

    Thanks again

  3. Dear Parag Shah, A simple question’s answer ‘ll be the answer of your main query. Will You search for umbrella while it’s raining or keep the one in your hand in the anticipation of rain which may happen or not?

    In my view, it’s advisable to purchase a plan for your parents right now, else be ready to shell out huge amounts in future for their medical expenses.



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