Health Insurance Advice Needed

POSTED BY amitm79 ON January 9, 2012 10:43 pm COMMENTS (7)

What is your advice on health insurance need for family with details below?
Self – 32 Years
Wife – 31 Years
Son – 3 Years
Mother – 58 Years
Father – 62 Years


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  1. Dear Amit, For the given situation, you may make a new mail id for yourself. Post this ID while comparing the policies on any of the online portal. Regarding the mobile no. – you may quote mobile no. of customer care of any service.

    This way your own mobile no. ‘ll not come in to picture. Your primary mail id ‘ll remain protected from spams. Still you ‘ll be able to get those results in the new mail id.

    As the age of your father is wrong side, your options are limited.



  2. says:

    I have been recommended following (by an insurance broker). Is this good option?
    1> Oriental family floater for self (32), spouse (31), son (3) and mother (58)
    2> Star Red carpet for father (64)

    Copay of 30% in Star red carpet is worrying. Are there any better choices available?


  3. says:

    I agree with the workaround. It will still be better to know a site which will give information but wouldn’t spam.

    1. Not much in that case .. because their revenue model is lead generation … if they dont collect this info , how will they survive ..

  4. says:

    One related question. Is there any website that can be used to compare policies without giving details like email id and mobile number?


    1. Amit

      WHy dont you just leave incorrect mail and phone number .. they give the results in next page and also send you the details on email . So incase you give wrong details . the mail will not come , but you can always see the results once you hit SUBMIT 🙂


  5. Dear Amit, Opt a family floater plan for self, wife & son. Purchase 2 individual policies for father & mother. Please check Oriental’s Family floater plan for yourself & family & Sr. Citizen policy offered by United India Insurance for Father & mother.



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