Health Insurance for my dependent parents and family

POSTED BY baaskaren.k ON February 16, 2012 7:54 am ONE COMMENT

Hi everybody,

I am looking for a health insurance for my family.

Myself – 32 yrs
Spouse -28yrs
kid- 1yrs
Father – 60rs
Mother – 61 yrs

My current company offers Health insurance for my family (excluding parents) for a sum assured of Rs 5,00,000 for that they deduct Rs.4193 from my salary – It is mandatory.

If i add my parents as dependent i have to pay Rs 13,236. No medical check up, It’s family floater. Domiciliary for all family member is up to Rs 50,000.

What the problem is once change company every thing gone and i have to start again.

so I don’t want my parents as dependent in my company and the pay mandatory amount only.
Instead i want to take a health insurance separately apart from company for my family including my parents.

I am using syndicate credit card. from which i got a letter for health insurance called Synd Arogya(Syndicate Bank & United India Insurance),

It’s premium is Rs.11,954 for a family floater including parents, a sum assured of Rs 5,00,000, no medical checkup, renewable up to 80 years, no domiciliary, existing disease covered after 4 yrs.

here is my question :

1. not adding my parents as dependent is correct or wrong?

2. if not added as dependent, can i prefer Synd Arogya? is united India is good?

3. if united india is not a good option, which insurance company i can prefer one i can prefer?

please suugest me.

advance thanks


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  1. Dear Baaskaren, Instead of opting a family floater plan for parents, please opt a split like this.

    1. A family floater plan for you, wife & kid of 3L Rs.
    2. An individual policy of 2L Rs. each for both parents.

    The total prem. outgo may be higher than the combined family floater but benefit ‘ll be there in the form of split cover as for any claim filed on either of the parent’s policy, the prem. ‘ll be loaded up next year on that policy only & not the entire family as the case ‘ll be for a family floater. As your parent’s are on the wrong side of age, the chances of filing a claim on their policies are high.



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