HDFC – Unit Linked Endowment Plus II surrender

POSTED BY Mahesh Patel ON April 10, 2013 11:58 am COMMENTS (2)

Hello Manish,

Hope you are doing good.

I am holding HDFC ULIP from last 5 years, and now its time to surrender. I went to HDFC Life, for withdrawing money from Endowment policy, i just went with my Policy details and cancelled cheque. They informed me that they require Original Policy Document?I wanted to know if this is true, because i am working in IT field and i need to frequently change the states.

If the above information is true, then is there any alternate option available for the same?

Please guide me through this.


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  1. Dear Mahesh, either search for old bond in your house or inform HDFC that you have lost your bond & still want to surrender. HDFC people ‘ll guide you for the proper paperwork & you can get your surrender amount after that.



  2. Insurance is an agreement bet you and the insurer. Once your surrender the agreement ceases to exist. So the policy document must be returned.

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