HDFC Pro growth plus? Is a good investion option with life cover?

POSTED BY Murali Gollapudi ON October 7, 2012 5:19 pm COMMENTS (34)

Hello Readers,

I’m new to this investment things. I came to know the HDFC progrowth plus Saving & Investment plan.

I ‘m thinking to do an investment of 50K – 1L.

could you please help me providing your experience or suggestion regarding this product.

Appreciate your help!


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  1. Suresh says:

    I have opted HDFC progrowthplus in March,2014, but due to its high charges i have not paid my due premium and my fund goes into discontinued fund, i paid 28 mouths amount of 2,10,000/ now I am more scared that will I get atlest my same amount which I invisted, my locking period till March 2019, kindly give me the suggestions.

    1. Yes, you will get it … But kindly mail or talk to customer care and take confirmation !

  2. Jai Kumar says:

    I have taken loan against property from HDFC and they have forcely given me hdfc progrowth flexi insurance cum investment plan saying that it is mandatory in equity loan and In case something miss happen to you than we will cover our due loan amount from your policy and rest will be paid to your nominee.I have’nt get my policy yet. Premium is 80000 per year .They gave the first year installment directly to HDFC insurance A.C. as a loan to me also..I don’t want that policy as it will make extra burden to me.What I can do please suggest..Thank you.

    1. Its missold to you .. I suggest reach to IRDA and RBI on this .

    2. Kulwinder says:

      U can cancel this policy any time

    3. Murali Gollapudi says:

      Yes. You can cancel the policy with out loosing any single penny. I did the same with sbi.

  3. Jai Kumar says:

    One more thing .They gave me paln of yearly installment of Rs.80,000. It will make too much burden on me to pay the instalments.

  4. Anselm edwards says:


    Reading the reviews I am not going to get into it…was to get registered for the plan…

    Thank you

    1. Glad to know that Anselm edwards ..

  5. WASIM says:

    Dear sir please advice me I have taken hdfc pro growth plan , we can trust on them or not because aft 5 year if they tell u have to wait till 10 yeas or if they tell another reason means, now my 15000 amount have taken and I have not received any document please advice me

    1. You can surrender it anytime !

  6. YASHPAL says:

    I have opted HDFC progrowthplus in March,2015, but due to its high charges i have not paid my due premium and my fund goes into discontinued fund, i received detailed statement in which they have mentioned that on 04.05.16 they have transferred my fund into discontinued fund which is around Rs 43966/- but on the same date my aggregate fund value in all funds was Rs. 46076/-, so they have deducted Rs. 2110/- , so i just want to know that for what reason they deducted Rs. 2110/- from my funds.

    1. Hi YASHPAL

      This is very specific query which you should follow up with the concerned authority only. We wont be able to comment on that


    2. ravi kumar says:

      This is deduction charges for discontinue the fund appox 0.5%

  7. vivek says:

    i took HDFC progrowth plus policy just 15 day ago, upto now i didnot recive the policy, now i want to surrender it, whether thay cut any amount, what should i do to surrender it

    1. It will depend on your policy document

  8. Manoj says:

    Dear HDFC,
    I have taken hdfc grow plus fund and i have submitted 3000 PM 6 policy than stop my self due to some problem,
    now how to start it again .
    Manoj kumar

  9. Srinivas says:

    I had invested Rs 50,000 upon taking suggestion from My relationship manager in HDFC he had told me to go with it for 5 years assuming double the return. Not sure if I had had done the right thing.
    any body would like to share their views.

    1. There is no guarantee like that !

  10. saranya says:

    I m also the one invested in hdfc ulip and the execuetive told I will get returns based on market value. I thought it is a good investment. Later I realised it is totally wasted. I invested 30k and the term is 10 years . after 5 years, I will terminate market value is getting reduced. I m not sure if I get atleast my invested money:(

    1. Better get out of this.

  11. GM says:

    I took HDFC pro growth plus 1 year back as I wasn’t aware of any thing. Could someone tell whether I should continue or withdraw. If I continue how much return I could expect.
    Please guide

    1. I think you should get out of it

      1. Sivakumar says:

        You cannot get out of this at least for first 5 years, if you do discontinuation charges will be applied and that’s a very bad idea.

  12. sumit says:

    i took this policy 7 months ago because executive fooled me by making false promises of good returns but after reading about HDFC Progrowth life returns i am worried about my money i invested around 1 lacs for this year.could some one suggest me good way to keep my money safe now.

  13. basant yadav says:

    I wanna know about hdfc pro growth, how is it better than other u lips in terms of returns

  14. Murali Gollapudi says:

    Thanks Rosh! Its very informative link and got some insight about RM’s 🙂 I’m happy that i didn’t become a victim of RM’s 🙂

  15. Rosh says:

    first of all u should show some interest in learning/reading about personal finance. its ur money donot listen to the bank executives.

    in order to select mutual funds u can follow

    Quantum Long Term Eq & Franclin india blue chip are good funds.

  16. HDFC Life says:

    Dear Mr Gollapudi,

    Thank you for your interest in HDFC Life.

    Please mail your complete name and contact number at

    A Financial Advisor from HDFC Life will contact you shortly and advise you on the most appropriate insurance solution for you.

    For queries/ more information, please call us toll free on 1800227227 (MTNL/ BSNL) or email us at

    HDFC Life

  17. Murali Gollapudi says:

    I was told and suggest by HDFC executive that it give good return around 17% in long term and even 25% diversfying the funds to Mid cap & Small cap. All these benefits with insurance of 10L Insured.

    I’m looking to invest some MF like HDFC Top 200 Fund & DSP-BR Top 100 Equity by SIP of 2000 every month.

    Can you give me some insight how to choose best MF?

    1. Ramesh says:

      Ask them to give it in writing on official paper, and signed by some authority of the company. so that in case that does not happen, you can complain to the insurance ombudsman.

      By IRDA recommendations, no insurance policy or agent can show you a gross return more than 10% (minus the charges), and if they do that, it is illegal.

      Both the funds you mentioned are two of the best of the lot. Start in them, and increase your knowledge over 6months to 1 year. Then modify accordingly.

  18. Rosh says:

    its a ULIP Stay away!!! Dont mix investment & insurance. Term Insurance Plan + Long Term Eq. MF + PPF is a best combination.

  19. Biswa Singh says:

    If its investment cum insurance plan then dont do it. They are simply crap.

  20. Deepak R khemani says:


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