HDFC Loan Fraud and CIBIL Issues

POSTED BY amreen ON March 1, 2014 9:20 am COMMENTS (3)

i booked a fd in hdfc in nov 2012 and after one month my banker says take a loan against fd i agree and i say for od .but they take my sign on loan documents without tell me that they sanction bl.and doesn’t tell me emi date .3 months clear 2 months bounced .but it claer the next date .i didn’t know about it because i received no sms no alerts no phone .in may i want bl so i check my statement then i know whole thing about this fraud .i ask it but hdfc doesn’t blame on there bankers they blame on me .2 months regularly i fight to close my loan and return my fd .and i tell that does not clear ch but they regularly doing this .

In july last they agree for close my loan and in aug they stopped .i received my noc in nov .after this in jan i again apply for loan in fullerton .they reject because of cibil issue my score is 740 my acc is good no other bounces .no credit card issue .my financially papers is good but that cheque bounces of hdfc loan creates problem for me .everywhere i face this problem i fight with hdfc in consumer court but i want to apply again for bl what can i do so my cibil clear plz suggest me because i cant wait for 7 yrs .hdfc says cibil remains in 7 yrs .

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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Amreen, please read my above reply to your query and read your own reply. Are you really doing justice for yourself? I’m asking your to file a police complaint.



  2. amreen says:

    i continously mail & go to branch but nobody gives me response all hdfc employes manager sales excecutive blame on me .i complain on akosha

  3. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Amreen, why are you not filing a criminal case against HDFC for forgery? If the wrong loan has been closed by HDFC, how can it’s bounced cheques remain there?



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