HDFC loan at 0% interest rate

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Hi All, Today i got one interesting call from HDFC. Thought i must share this with you all Guys.

Caller was from HDFC bank and saying that Sir, We have launched a new plan in new year and  offering Personal loan (any loan) at 0% ineterest rate. I was amazed to hear that and asked him How HDFC will make profit out of this deal. Here is the explanation told to me by executive. Plan name he told me is OD.

Sir, Suppose if you take 3 lakh personal loan. Tenure will be 10 yrs and your yearly EMI would be 30 thousand but you have to pay first EMI i.e. 30 thousand in advance and with this money we will open a HDFC insurance policy for you (3 life lakh cover + 3 lakh medical cover) and in next 30-45 days we will disburse your loan amount i.e. 3 lakh in you account.
Now every year you get 12% return on EMI you are paying (30 thousand per annum for 10 yrs) so after completion of 10 yr, We will give you 12% of your total returns and out of these 12% HDFC will get 9% and remaining 3% you will get.

This way HDFC will make profit out of it thus you dont need to pay any interest.

I am still doubtfull about this. Are they really offering PL on 0% interest rate or  they are hiding some thing from us.

Pl shere your inputs so that we could get the actual picture and if anyone really looking for loan will take necessary precaution before going ahead.

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  1. Priyank soni says:

    Hi there, this post really helped me to get out of this dilemma ..i too got a call today about this 0% interest scheme..they offered me to continue the policy for bext ten years bt sounds faulty to i googled for peoples having calls like that..and fortunately i ended up with this post..thanks a lot for posting this issue here.u guys were really helpful

    1. Jagoinvestor says:

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  2. Amit says:

    Tomorrow I gat a call from this number..
    They told me hdfc is providing 0% interest loan .
    I tell him my civil is not gud but they told me we have no need any civil status …only we are providing pL loan against LIC behalf….either we will not take intrest from you..
    Only we will take urr policy benefits..
    If u are taking loan 10 lac. You have to pay 10% of ur policy premium amount..when ur policy will be ready than we will provide u a personal loan..
    But you have to pay advance 1 lac ur first premium installment…I need money but I discus some my known and hdfc call center they told me this is fake…

    1. Sanjay says:

      Same call received to me for 12 lakh loan

  3. Dharmendra Pathak says:

    Same I received the call today from manesar Gurgaon Branch HDFC Bank head office.
    It’s totally fraud.

  4. Vishwa says:

    Same, here from this no.-
    +91 78918 67219

  5. Zulfiquar Hyatt says:

    This is Zulfiquar Hyatt – Civil Engineer,
    I got same call,
    His name Rahul Sharma & Mob.+919813969590

  6. Raju says:

    I also got call from HDFC 8064732.he talked 20 minutes.but I rejected

  7. Qamar Alam says:

    Yes, they seem fraudulent .. I got an exact same call from number 1409305474… After that, the girl (Anjali Verma) gave her personal number: 8285130511. Personal loan at 0% interest through HDFC life insurance, I asked what if I discuss it with HDFC insurance department, then she replied in that case you need to pay 20% commission of loan to insurance dept, clever. This some kind of Ponzi scheme that will end up with a stupid insurance with no benefit.

  8. Snehal Naik says:

    I also received similar call last today, number was +918057139695 and +917536882501

    1. Glad to know that Snehal Naik ..

      1. Rajib says:

        I also get tht call
        Is this schemes running

    2. Sunil Rao says:

      I also received same type of call from number 01141252477, sharing same plan

    3. Rupesh Suman says:

      I also received similar call two days back from +911408398031 and +919213600837. The person provided his contact no as 9069995314.

  9. Shiv says:

    Similar call from hdfc..looks suspicious

  10. Harish says:

    Same call from 9058905151

    1. RAJESH KUMAR says:

      ye no yogindra tomar ka hai ye bnda haridwar mai rahta hai iska makan ka pata likho YOGNDRA KUMAR S/O LAXMI CHAND HOUSE NO 37 B RAJ VIHAR COLONY JAGJEET PUR NEAR FOOTBALL GROUND KHANKHAL HARIDWAR YE LOG ASHE HI LOOT PAAT KARTE HAI.

  11. dinesh says:

    Today i received the similar call from HDFC finance of zer0 percent interest loan.
    from mobile no. 8468969511

    1. Thanks for sharing that !

  12. Sandip says:

    Got a similar call from 022 3001 1000 , seems to be fraud. same story repeated.

    1. Thanks for sharing that Sandip

      1. mohan says:

        same here

        1. Harish says:

          I am recieved same type of call from 9058905151 . He was claiming that 100 trie


      Today i received the similar call from HDFC finance of zer0 percent interest loan.Caller name maahi,
      from gurhgaw

      1. Jagoinvestor says:

        You should ask for credentials from the person who called you ! .. don’t pay any money without verifying !

  13. Ashu says:

    This is for all those people who are getting this type of call, This is fraud 100% FRAUD,. There is no such scheme like that . My papa was recently getting calls from a person named manoj sharma he said that he is from HDFC life insurance sapna sngeeta office indore Mp and offered 0% interest loan of 5 lakh and asked to fill some document at the branch and submit 50000 rs at first then after 10 days the hdfc bank will tranfer the loan amount of 5 lakh into our account. All looked pretty good but here is the main when i called HDFC life insurance coustmer care 1800-227-227 they told me that there is no such scheme from hdfc the calls we getting are fake. But my papa gave them his DOB, now i don’t know what is gonna happen.

    1. Thanks for sharing that !

  14. tushar says:

    i also got the same call from a lady name mansi for such type of loan and im share her number with you 8467957739 &8505943716.
    i may request to make inquiry on it.

    1. Thanks for sharing this

  15. Arshi Shaikh says:

    Hi …I got similar call from number +91 8505849950 lady started telling me that they are giving home/personal/car loan @ 0% interest I told how it is possible in India. She told me to save tax they are giving this scheme. I told her to send some executive from mumbai branch to meet as she was calling from Delhi. She said it is not possible and then I said I am not interested. One interesting thing was she tried to be little rude so that she can over power while entire conversation but I calmly told not interested and I disconnected the phone. I guess HDFC is big brand in India and they should take this seriously either if someone is using their name or some is trying to cheat.

    1. Thanks for sharing this !

  16. Sunik says:

    I am HDFC customer for very long and have a personal banker. My transactions have been timely and hence I get 4-5 calls everyday for Credit Card and Loans/OD. Today I received a similar call and thought of disconnecting first but when the agent informed me about 0% interest rate I ended up asking him more questions. However, I understood at the very beginning that it’s a fraud call and didn’t provide him any personal details.

    The agent mentioned he is calling from HDFC Finance. I know there is no such division in HDFC.

    He called from +919205945165 and mentioned his name as Aman.

    The reason he gave me for 0% interest was hilarious. He said after the implementation of GST, the bank is now providing such offers to reduce the burden of tax

    Isn’t that funny πŸ˜€

    I called up my personal banker and she did mentioned that it was a fraud call and there is no such offer.

    So please beware of such calls and instead make fun when you receive such calls

    You may include the following things to make the conversation more funny (only if you are free and want to entertain such non sense):

    1. Yes, I am in need of 50L to start my business but no banks are approving it as I already have an existing loan of 15L applied just 3 months back

    2. Yes, I would go for a PL if anyone of your female colleague is ready to WhatsApp me for follow-up πŸ˜€

    3. Sir, can I please apply in your company. I lost my job last month and unemployed at the moment

    4. Can you please hold the line while I conference with my friend who is working in police and need loan on urgent basis.

    5. Wow! That’s an amazing offer. Why don’t you take a loan , leave your job and settle down abroad


    1. Great . thanks for sharing that Sunil !

    2. Shrikant says:

      Hi Sunil I got the same call from below mention number ‭+91 11-40042175‬

  17. C B Singh says:

    Today i got one interesting call from HDFC. Thought i must share this with you all Guys.

    Caller was from HDFC bank and saying that Sir, We have launched a new plan in new year and offering Personal loan (any loan) at 0% ineterest rate. I was amazed to hear that and asked him How HDFC will make profit out of this deal. Here is the explanation told to me by executive. Plan name he told me is OD.

    Sir, Suppose if you take 3 lakh personal loan. Tenure will be 10 yrs and your yearly EMI would be 30 thousand but you have to pay first EMI i.e. 30 thousand in advance and with this money we will open a HDFC insurance policy for you (3 life lakh cover + 3 lakh medical cover) and in next 30-45 days we will disburse your loan amount i.e. 3 lakh in you account.
    Now every year you get 12% return on EMI you are paying (30 thousand per annum for 10 yrs) so after completion of 10 yr, We will give you 12% of your total returns and out of these 12% HDFC will get 9% and remaining 3% you will get.

    This way HDFC will make profit out of it thus you dont need to pay any interest.

    I am still doubtfull about this. Are they really offering PL on 0% interest rate or they are hiding some thing from us.

    Pl shere your inputs so that we could get the actual picture and if anyone really looking for loan will take necessary precaution before going ahead.

    Then I confirmed it from one of my friend, who is working in HDFC. I was surprised by his answer!

    He told me that such type of offer doesn’t exists in HDFC. It’s all fake n beware of such kind of fraud calls. This is for everyone out there.

    Please dnt faith on such fraud or fake calls n fire those executives for this.

    1. Thanks for sharing this !

  18. Md Danish Anwer says:

    Hi All
    I too received similar call last 5 day
    Her name is Abhisekh verma and his number is +919136541585 .

    1. Thanks for sharing that Md Danish Anwer

  19. kiran says:

    Kiran Patil
    Today I had call from HDFC executive the person told about 0% loan scheme. i receive call from mob 7838208838 he telling his name as Nekhil Sharm and ask me to apply for the loan. i told him to met at HDFC branch then he told that my person has to come to collect document at your place but i told him to met branch then he would be convincing me for that so i fell it is totally fraud. Please do not share your detail to such fake caller.

    1. Thanks for sharing that kiran

  20. Arhant Jain says:

    Obviously fraudsters. Where is their office? Why do they not meet at any branches or offices? What is the relevant documentation and proposal submitted by them? Why everything on the phone and through doc collection boys?

    Received calls purpotedly from “HDFC finance” for 0% interest loan under NIL fees and charges. Need to invest in life insurance for the same. Will earn the commission from the HDFC Standard life insurance company policy sales. Should be easy to trace the fraudsters from the agent details in the policy but difficult to prove any charges. No loan will be given – it’s only a hook to buy costly life insurance. Note the phone no’s : 9136802840 / 9654257142.

    1. Thanks for sharing that Arhant Jain

      1. Munesh singh says:

        Manish chauhan ji mere sath bhi ye ho gaya maine policy li 90000 ki unhone mujhe 30% discount de ke 63000 rs per year 10 years tak bharna h aur 15 yers me maturity hogi mujhe loan offer kiya 9 lakh but abhi tak nahi mila aur mere agent name bhi manish chauhan h pratap nagar branch pls manish ji mujhe clear kare aur mera pura paisa return karaye my name munesh my no.9810217654

        1. Sir .. aap ke saath fraud ho gaya hai !

  21. Kunal Damodra says:

    Same here, I was amazed too…
    How can HDFC offer PL at 0% Interest?
    If they do so they would have advertise it everywhere.
    I am unhappy with my bank they give our data to these guys so they call every now and then.
    Should be complaining this…
    I asked him should I go to HDFC bank and ask for these so called “Scheme” ?
    He said no… Our employee from HDFC will come and collect the documents…
    Lets see if tomorrow he calls I will complain to our bank on this…

    1. Thanks for sharing that Kunal Damodra

  22. Ali says:

    same call from bajaj finance 0% intrest rate

  23. Mutri says:

    Yes this is fraud , I got call fomr +91 1130151444

    1. Thanks for your comment Mutri

  24. Deepak Desai says:

    If anyone know a source for us to confirm this plz update the same.

    26th April 2017
    Same here, I also received a similar call today. Here are the details of the person calling, he claims to be from HDFC Ltd.
    Amit Bansal. Employee # HD 37625 – Gurgaon. This was after some Neha Sharama who had called and cofirmed that I am ok with the 0% Loan. The nos. are – 011 4704 7665 & 011 4704 7916

    The process he said is as follows : –
    1. Document to be collected for verification of eligibility — an employee of HDFC Life insurance will come and collect. (these the generic PAN, IT return, address proof etc… as required for Insurance)
    2. 24 hours for document verification
    3. Then pay pay Rs. 5 lakhs by Cheque in the name of – HDFC Life Insurance Company Ltd. towards Classic Assured Plus – 15 years maturity – as security. This is towards a 50 lakhs – Ins policy which is a mortgage for the loan.
    4. 10-15 days the loan amt would be disbursed – 50 lakhs to be paid over 10 years in equal monthly instalments
    5. The Insurance policy amt. of Rs. 5 lakhs to be refunded 72 hours after loan disbursement.

    Sounds too good, I hope HDFC is vouching for this. I ended up asking for the HDFC Bank branch address wherein I would go and confirm. No response yet.

    1. I dont think you should get into this. Just walk over any HDFC branch and talk to them about this. You will get to know if its genuine or fraud !


  25. rakesh says:

    Wooo.. even i thought there is something fishy, i got this call from ghaziabads number (UP) and person named AMAN VERMA (wow whata fake name) tell me im calling from NAVI MUMBAI. thanks a lot for this forum, i knew its a fraud so thought of checking it online before going ahead with it .as im really in need of a loan , good that i didnt get trapped.. But yes they still dont know that i know about this fraud so can we catch them and inform cops about the same
    ???? please share your views guys

    1. If you have the phone number, you should report it to cyber cell

    2. Kalu ram kali says:

      Sir one year 50000/- ki Jagah monthly 4167/-nahi ho sakta kya
      agar Asa ho toa plz give me loan

  26. Anil says:

    It is 100% fraud.When I asked his detail he started abusing me.

    1. Thanks for your comment Anil

  27. Rak says:

    Hi i also got the same call and explained me the same offer of 0% loan and to pay 10% on name of hdfc insurance policy

  28. SN says:

    HOW to catch them? Would it come under cyber police?

  29. GEOGIN JACOB says:




    1. Thanks for sharing that GEOGIN JACOB

  30. yash jain says:

    I have also got same call

    1. Thanks for your comment yash jain

    2. Yashwa says:

      STFU Yashwa

  31. AbhishekSatyam says:

    I too got the call from HDFC bank (may be fraud caller). I strait forwored told them I do not need loan, then they (she) convienced me to atleast understand the scheme. then stared asking my personal details like salary……
    then forced then to explain thier schem insted asking m y details, but she stuck on my salary and then I disconnedted.

    So that was fraud call next mit ask DOB, or account ballance etc..

    1. Thanks for sharing that AbhishekSatyam

    2. Gopal says:

      Simiar call from future genrali insurance as well

  32. Sameer Sakharpekar says:

    Got a same call tht you r all tlkn abt lyk a week back frm nw, it was a lady named Ankita Tiwari on call, after I showed up an interest she said I am jus a lead generator so you will receive a call from HDFC finance executive. I wanted to authenticate so I asked her how did she get this number and from where because she did not even know my name, so she replied lyk I’ll get back to you with your details, n yeah, I got a call within 30 mins where she could tell me only my name in her business files, I am not really new to this digital world tha I dnt know abt true-caller where anybody can know my name. Well, after two hrs I received a cl frm Mr. Anuj Srivastava introducing himself as n HDFC finance executive on a direct pay-roll, he started with his selling script but I had no time so I asked him to call back later after business hrs, he replied he works only till 6pm, I said fine I’ll call on my own once I m free, agreed and waited for lyk two days but did not follow-up, outta curiosity, I called him up today an hour back and he told me d exact same thing, policy-3 to 10 lacks-10% first premium in advance-70% to return in installments and blah blah, everything sounds so genuine as the way this guy or they all explain it ( a quality of hard-core n true salesman) that it actually makes u think over it, and they don’t even push u, they give you your own time to think and get back to them with your doubts n queries fr which they have proper, genuine and quick reply. So, nw when m all convinced, I started over my own study, first I got d HDFC finance customer-care no. frm Google, on which I found HDFC doesn’t have any plan as such, neither they support any calls as such. Hwevr, this doesn’t mean d call is fake, This is a real thing but subject to a market conditions, means, one obviously gets d policy made and benefits too which are all genuine, but the loan thing is not really a sure thing, one can be trapped in legal and genuine clauses of insurance policies and market conditions, fr which HDFC can’t be sued if anything goes wrong, and it is meant to go wrong because that’s d main catch. Everything goes well till the policy is made, fun begins when the loan is rejected bcoz of some stupid reason and you are left only with the policy which you have to take care of, that means 10% premium to be paid periodically. Nw, HDFC cant be sued for anything of this bcoz they accept the cheque in favor of policy premium and everything on bond paper proves that . Bond paper doesn’t support the loan procedure as now a days bond papers and company letter-heads are not accepted as a propf in the court of law. Long story short, HDFC is not really cheating or involved in any frauds, they are just hiding the subject changing facts, And the actual need of doin all this is jus that HDFC wants to achieve its target of policies to be sold before financial year closing Γ¬.e. March end no matter wht, wch is not a crime in any business.

    1. Thanks for sharing that Sameer Sakharpekar

      1. Munesh singh says:

        Manish chauhan ji mere sath bhi ye ho gaya maine policy li 90000 ki unhone mujhe 30% discount de ke 63000 rs per year 10 years tak bharna h aur 15 yers me maturity hogi mujhe loan offer kiya 9 lakh but abhi tak nahi mila aur mere agent name bhi manish chauhan h pratap nagar branch pls manish ji mujhe clear kare aur mera pura paisa return karaye my name munesh my no.9810217654 manish ji unka name h sidharth and vishal sehgal aur sachin valiya nd anurag also

    2. Himanshu says:

      Hi, I had a similar experience today & i had exactly the same experience you did. Thankfully knowing the marketing strategy of these insurance bulshits did not fell into their trap. Funny part is they dont even know our name & insist on sending some executive to our house to collect the docs and ask for your personal credentials & they do not forget to mention that the branch people will not be able to reveal any information about the plan they are talking about.

      Well if you have ample of time its a good chat to understand how do these people trap a person with what all questions they ask so you can safeguard yourself next time from such fraud callers.

      Kindly note mostly these call are from North – Delhi / Noida / Gurgaon

      Insurance selling has gone to sucha cheap level.. i pitty such reputed companies…

      1. Thanks for sharing that Himanshu

  33. Bhise Michelle says:

    Yes it’s 100% fraud i piad the first premium and that guy told me I will get the loan amount in 10 days guys they are very good in talking they will make you a fool every day and you will not be able to catch them

    1. Thanks for sharing that. Did you pay the premium to some personal account ?

  34. Jigar says:

    I got the same call today! At the end, i tried getting some details and it ended up in nasty chat – yes it’s fraud. They asked me to pay 10% of the required amount as an Insurance Premium. They did not know how much of EMI per month will be required to repay the loan as well.

    1. Thanks for sharing this Jigar !

  35. Rohit says:

    +911141558251 This is the number I got their call From ….

    1. Thanks for sharing that Rohit !

  36. Anil rawat says:

    I need home loan without intereste pls tell me if u have this type scheme

    1. If there is no interest, how will the company benefit ?

      1. Mayank says:

        I got the same call .. i asked them how hdfc makes the profit..
        They told they are giving loan against insurance. So loan repayment​ amount will directly goes to insurance company there they might invest in mutual fund and all they will get high return on those and based on that they will earn and giving us loan ..

        The main reason they told has to pay 6500 cr tax so for save the tax they are giving loan against insurance …

        But even i am not sure .. if this is fraud or not .

        I am.going to give them every thing with first premium cheque to company name and then stop the cheque Immediately so will see is this fraud or not ..

        1. Pure nonsense that guy told you πŸ™‚

          Multinationals dont work like this πŸ™‚

  37. ABDULL FAROOQ M M says:

    Actually iam also looking for a loan,so i need some clarification about the personal loan,so please share details if any one take 0% interest loan from HDFC.

  38. Rex says:

    You all guys are such….;)
    You can call the HDFC’s official contact number from official website n ask them that is this scheme is really true or fake

    1. SushilKhairnar says:

      Yes I am also get the same call &I am amazed the same. So I was asking executive the Mumbai office address where I will ensure & then move ahead with process but she was insisting that our executive will come & now shared any details though I was not convinced by her. So I feel it might be a fraud offer either HDFC to provide assurance on such offer.

  39. Sunil says:

    0% Loan, Monthly EMI, Insurance!!!

    How genuine?

    Is HDFC , RBI, NAB awake

  40. Amrendra kumar says:

    Hello guys, this same thing happened with me today. Well I want to share this all, I received a call from this no. +91 140 958 9028 and a representative was talking about a loan of 0% interest finance, I was shocked. He said you can take a loan from a minimum amount R’s 2lakh to 15 lakh with no interest but at first u will have to pay a registration amount of 30k at any branch of hdfc bank. While this moment I was wondering nd remembering that I have applied for car loan in few websites of car loan financer and then thought its a hacker who has found my no. nd taking chance but still I was nt confirmed then I asked in return, whats the way your company earns profits, he said company use customer’s installment in policy, ok then I asked for meeting but replied we have many branch in delhi nd company’s head office at barhkhamba road, Cp,Delhi but I asked for nearby office at rohini, ge replied I will send u a msg of our branch’s address, still no msg has been sent to my phone number…. Is this fake a fraud thing that happened??????? Or its true? Nt confirmed but in my view he was fraud….

    1. Its a fake thing , just read others message in the same link and you will see many people have faced this.


  41. Ajay Shankar says:

    I received call from HDFC BANK with same proposal of loan. Any body find this is Fraud or ethical ?

    1. JUst a proposal of loan is not fraud. If its an offer which looks suspicious , then you should check its authenticity !

  42. piyush says:

    Hi All,

    today i got same call from HDFC finance head office Delhi, and asked to apply for loan with 0% interest.
    i asked him to justify how a bank can give loan on 0% interest, then he said last year HDFC bank earned some 650 crore profit and in order to save income tax they are offering such loan. what a crap.
    important thing i wanted to share here is, in my communication when i said i am not convinced with the authenticity of this call and i was about to drop, he said sir please don’t drop the call listen me completely, i think by being on the line of call they try to hack your phone and get some imp information saved in your phone, so please do not be on such calls for long time, if you got a doubt immediately drop phone and confirm such offer first by going to any bank branch.

    thanks all , this conversation confirms me also that it is surely a fraud.

    1. Thanks for sharing it , we will share it on our website very soon !

  43. Navneet Chaurasia says:

    Hahahah…Same call I received today from HDFC finance head office Delhi from +919324490360 number.

    Same thing happened with me. I asked on call that should I confirm the same with HDFC life insurance or HDFC bank customer care. Then he said Sir customer care executives are not allowed to give you that info.
    That time a doubt came into my mind…there is a catch…why he is too much reluctant to confirm the same with customer care if he is a genuine guy.
    Then I asked the person to meet me personally. But you know what…he denied.

    So guys please don’t believe on these types of calls. There are total fraud activities.

    1. Thanks for sharing ! .. we will make an article and share with everyone soon !

  44. SSK says:

    I also recieved call from
    +919873989920. Same offer.

    1. Thanks for sharing that !

  45. Dinesh Rodaye says:

    Yesterday i also received some call from India first life insurance co ltd and provided same infromation as they will provided 5 lace Rs personal loan on 0 % of internet for 10 year..

    1. Thanks for your comment Dinesh Rodaye

  46. Pankaj says:

    I too got a similar call yesterday. I think it’s a fraud for sure. No way in hell can any Bank offer a 0% loan to anyone…. Policy or not! But, this is purely my view & not an confirmed information.

    Thanks everyone for bringing this to light…. Hopefully, we will be able to save some simple soul from losing his/her hard earned money.

    Regards/Pankaj Nagori

    1. Thanks for your comment Pankaj

  47. PAWANDEEP says:

    Today , i received call from HDFC finance head office Delhi, they made same conversation that are mentioned above,

    after longer discussion , i thought better to check on internet or banking website or review form and finally i found this form..

    thanks you very much to all for sharing information concern to fraud activity..

    1. Thanks for your comment PAWANDEEP

  48. dhanji matang says:


  49. MUKESH PATEL says:


  50. Arup says:

    I got the same call couple of days back and I decided to play on with them. After many calls, tody I received a call supposedly from Bharati Axa. The lady who called was least informed on life insurance plans. She gave me some bullshit for information on the plan and at the end of the call she asked me ‘Sir aapko kaisa laga’?
    Any which ways, a little probing and turned out this lady was calling from some DSA of insurance brokers called World Insurance. So they are exposing themselves a little by little. I am pretty sure its scam. Will update.

    1. Thanks for sharing that Arup

  51. Harish Panwar says:

    Good that you shared this.

  52. Ujwal says:

    Yes i received it too

  53. gajendra says:

    good plan for loan

  54. RAVI says:

    thanx to all , For Saving so many. Sharing about Fraud call is also a Social Work .

    1. Glad to know that RAVI ..

  55. Himanshu Shah says:

    Today also i received a call from 9136294843 First Caller name i Forgot, then she transferred call to Mr. Ajay Sharma. Same offer as mentioned above. Thanks for Sharing.

    1. Glad to know that Himanshu Shah ..

  56. ranjan says:

    I too got same. Pure Fraud. Mobile number of fraudstar is +919873989920

    1. Thanks for sharing that ranjan

  57. Rahul Singh says:

    Today , i received call from City Bank head office Corporate office Rewari, they made same conversation that are mentioned above,

    after longer discussion , i thought better to check on internet or banking website or review form and finally i found this form..

    thanks you very much to all for sharing information concern to fraud activity..
    i got call from +911148515100

    1. Thanks for sharing that Rahul Singh

    2. Shrikant says:

      I got call from same location but from HDFC bank

  58. Shailesh patel says:

    Today , i received call from HDFC finance head office Delhi, they made same conversation that are mentioned above,

    after longer discussion , i thought better to check on internet or banking website or review form and finally i found this form..

    thanks you very much to all for sharing information concern to fraud activity..

    1. Glad to know that Shailesh patel ..

  59. Shubhankar says:

    I also got a call from Hdfc Kolkata and they said that they will give a loan of 200000/- against an insurance policy of 28000 premium per year for 7 years. I believe thats a fake call.

  60. LAKSHMI says:

    I hAve also recived call @4pm date 07/10/16

    Same offer

    I have contact hdfc branch told me that no sach as offers bank provide

    1. Thanks for sharing that LAKSHMI

  61. Shaneel says:

    I am from Mumbai and I have been receiving this call since last two days. I am in a habit of Recording such calls so towards the end of the call when I asked the female caller that I will take the loan but for making the advance payment she should help me with another loan. She was really offended. Well I have been in the insurance sector and when I asked her few technical questions she kept quite. Its a fake call people though quite a lucrative one. Tomorrow I will be walking in an HDFC BANK BRANCH and make her speak with one of their representatives. I think that it should demoralise such thugs.

    1. Thanks for sharing that Shaneel

  62. Ajay says:

    September 13/2016
    Hi all I also received a call since last three days from mobile no 9718173773 of DKRay.of HDFC offering. 0 % of home loan of 20 Lakhs for which I am advised to take a policy of 2lakhs in advance for a period of10years initially but when I told him that I have no such huge amount to deposit he told me I will manage an amount of 1.5lakhs and you have to manage next.for which you have to send a cheque of 50000infavour of HDFC LIFE INSURANCE.
    SO please suggest me what should I do now.

    1. Vishal says:

      Don’t go for this. I also get the same. When I tried to further investigate the product they are offering, they did not have an answer and put down the call. Seems fraudulent.

  63. Rajit says:

    I have received the same call that after taking hdfc policy of rs 30000 I will get loan of 300000 from Citibank at 0%. Sadly I took that policy and after one month when I did not get the loan amount I submitted a written complaint to Hdfc life but now they are not cancelling the policy. So guys beware it’s a frauds !!!

    1. Thanks for your comment Rajit

    2. Yajur says:

      Thank you Rajit i got same call.

  64. Rajendra says:

    I also received a call for PL from+91-7082377058 0% interest for 10 year, I told which branch , reply i m mumbai head office this offer not given any HDFC Bank branch / home branch.

    surprise disconnected the call….

    1. Thanks for your comment Rajendra

  65. Aashish says:

    +911147016412 got a call from this no. saying, they are offering 0% interest free loan. loan range 3-30 lac.

    they explain me the terms.. to get the loan we have to open the policy of Rs. 3 lac of HDFC life insurance classicassure plus. they will deposit this amount and get the benefit from insuarnce policy, if i have not paid amount to them after 4-5 years, then they will claim to hdfc life insurance and get it paid.

    they have asked few question, which i haven’t provide them the details. Also they asked for cheque of 1.5 lac or 3 lac to open life insurance policy, then they will send life insurance policy in a week time and then after process the loan payment in 40-45 days.

    They also not ready to provide this information on email as this is their promotional activity to get the maximum customers and also as other finance co. offering to many people these type of loan offers they dont want to lose their existing clients.

    Person was asking PAN card details, DOB etc so i told them that, I have not carrying my PAN card so call tomorrow.

    Also they said, this all will be done on telephone only. i dont understand how can banks not tracking and stopping these type of fake calls and offers. Also I dont understand why they are offering HDFC life Insurance policies to customers.

    they said, they are directly calling from HDFc finance department, DELHI and no any agent is involve in this. Also if any HDFc life Insurance person come to meet you, dont share any details and benefit with them which they have offered… (0% loan and all)

      1. kumar says:

        if you know this is fake call. why u should not going for legal action ?
        He mention number also.

        1. Because thats not our job .

  66. Mayur says:

    Got a message SMS from no. 366000 stating (O% Intrest Loan)
    30 Lac EMI = 30000/
    40 Lac EMI = 40000/
    50 Lac EMI = 50000/
    60 Lac EMI = 60000/
    (Agreement 100 Months)
    call 9619657208

    Hoping this is also fake as the previous posts. Plz anyone call and confirm πŸ˜› or play with them.

    1. I dont think its a professional one .. stay away !

  67. Yesterday, I also received an call from HDFC Bank, mobile no. 8468824119 Anjali and her senior Nidhi Agrawal, for a zero % interest rate personal loan. The strategy was same if I opted for a loan of 3 lacs. I will have to pay INR 30,000 as annual installment which will be in the name of HDFC Life Insurance, Also, I will have to pay my 1st installment in advance as to open personal loan policy in my name. tomorrow 14/7/2016 hdfc employee collect my document at my office. now see what do tomorrow.

  68. amit says:

    the most obvious thing about those call, you will feel in the first 5 seconds this is fake call .Those fake people have very ordinary way to talk .Those voice are not that much refined as decent customer care. Once you knew those are fake call, you can make them interesting as per you.Have fun and let them guess you are interested without giving any information and at last just say No.

  69. amit says:

    Today I got a call from so Called HDFC . I knew this is fake call coz i got this type of call every 15 to 20 days period.
    I was getting bore so I continue to talk about 20 mins and i was asking so many type question which I know was nonsense.Then lady transfer the call to his so called senior .After so many question from my side he was good in answering the question but all answer was not convincing, after already knowing that they r fake people i asked them to process for my loan and asked them to call Monday. Do not do any business those type of fake person but You can play with them if you are getting bore and want to have some fun

    1. Thanks for sharing that amit

      1. INDERJIT says:

        i also face this type of conversation from hdfc , it mean these all conversation is fake , thank u

        1. Thanks for your comment INDERJIT

  70. Sachin says:

    Just received call (+911203368282) in the name of HDFC Finance, the same offer of interest free loan and bank will earn profit from the policy made on my name.
    But If We wish to take the Interest free loan, Then we have to give cheque of first Quarterly loan installment in Bank account as advanced with document.
    Asking for Advance payment is sign of scam……

    1. Yes, its a scam !

  71. Ritesh says:

    Same call…for reliance policy…they just have to sell there policies…and to get the commission on it….frnds dont give any information on phone…ask the branch name..and then dont have any answers..disconnect such calls..

    1. Thanks for sharing that Ritesh

  72. Jaydeep says:

    Hi all.I have been trapped in such kind of low interest loan scheme just before two days.I got a call from a person named karan malhotra.He told me he is providing loan from nri fund at 2 percent annual.nri’s giving loan to save their tax and he can give me 1 lakh to 100cr.some how he convinced me and asked me to deposit 4500 rs in his account for registration witch is refundable. After that i can get loan of 18 lakhs.I was in need so i belive him and deposit that money.He was saying within 2 hrs i can get loan.But after depositing 4500rs he again told me to deposit 33000rs for stamp duty and all that bull shit.But i did not diposit this time and i ask him to refund my 4500rs as it was refundable. Then he behave me rudely. And now he is not picking up my calls.His cont no. is 9643099508 and 9643099563 and PAN NO is FGJPS2855H.He give me acount no of any other person named sanjeev sharma.his acnt no is. 0180000103083257 of PNB Gaziabad. CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME.I DONT WANT TO LEAVE THAT BASTERD.

    1. Jaydeep

      The only think you can do is police complaint !

      1. Nandkishore says:

        Hey guys, Police cant help as actual incident has not taken place.
        I did visit Thane police station cyber cell for this kind of issue.
        Same kind of calls u will receive on behalf of Axis Bank, DHFL also.

        Dont ever jump in to it. There is no free lunch.

        1. Nandkishore says:

          9136449406 is the number of fake caller of axis bank.
          Ensure u block this number. I have audio recording & everything. But police instead of searching the peoples asked me not to entertain such calls.

          if someone has good police contacts. trace this number. Its still active.

        2. But Nandkishore

          Dont they even register an FIR ? Because that makes no sense ? One has to file a FIR atleast and investigate who is doing this?

          1. Munesh singh says:

            Manish ji pls share ur no.
            My 9810217654 pls call me

    2. Prap says:

      Hi I just now got a call from a person named Pankaj Thakur mob. no 0 955 525 4236. He claimed to be calling from HDFC Head Office and offered me a personal loan @ 0% interest rate. When asked about his office address, he replied Village Agahpur, Sector 41, Noida. When further asked, he said he does not know his managers name and gets his salary through cheque and never met his employer. When I told him that I stay nearby and would like to visit his office, he promptly disconnected saying he has to attend to another call.
      Clearly it is a fraud.

      1. Thanks for sharing that Prap

  73. Avi says:

    Dear All,
    First i would like to thanks to all of you for shearing such a useful information,

    See in this world nothing is free,i also experience such fraud calls in the name of different finance companies,but whenever i asked them to send me the detailed email or any written document they denied or disconnect the call,may be in future they may provide us fake documents which confuse our thoughts,so what action we all need to take against that fraud calls,I know we all are busy in our daily life but this is the matter of that one life who may be trapped in that kind of fraud,its my request to all that spread this experiences as much as we can and save the others to be the victim.

    Thanks to All wonderful people of this discussion.
    Avnish Sharma

    1. Thanks for your comment Avi

  74. Amit says:

    I also received a call from hdfc. They said 5lakh loan on 0 % interest.. Loan against policy…interest earned over policy taken by hdfc. Same shit…

  75. Ranjanishra says:

    I also got a call from Hdfc bank for 0% . that call is came from delhi named Ashok jain 09711236267. He told me about plan 10 % annual pay of 5lac. my insurance is complete. But from last 2 month they are making me fool. One more no. He told me that he is a clearance office named Siddhartha nanda no. 09953656579

  76. Nivas says:

    I got a call from +91 1409 804 512 saying they are from Citi financial and offering loan of 20 or 30 or 40 lacs with zero percent rate of interest. when asked about the procedure they replied saying I need to do a Insurance policy with them and if I take 20lacs loan then every year I need to pay 2lacs as premium for 10yrs, it should be linked to salary/savings account through ECS and they will deduct policy premium directly. Benefits of policy will be retained by them and I will not get any benefits of policy as I am taking loan in advance. Asked couple of times from which company they are offering this loan and I got to hear new name each time, firstly she said they are from Citi Financial and after sometime she said it is “Excite” financial, she even spelled it on the call and she transferred call to his so called senior executive and when I asked him he said they are from “One Main” financial earlier were Citi Financial, hearing all this I could not believe them and disconnected the call.

    So, don’t even continue talking to them as may get into the trap.

    1. Thanks for sharing that Nivas

    2. ChetanKadam says:

      I also received an call from Exide Life Insurance Co. Ltd for a zero % interest rate personal loan. The strategy was same if I opted for a loan of 4 lacs. I will have to pay INR 40,000 as annual installment which will be in the name of Exide Life Insurance Co. Ltd but as a premium for the Life Insurance Policy which will be in my name but he benefits after maturity will be taken by them. Also, I will have to pay my 1st installment in advance as to open a life insurance policy in my name. I have given them a cheque of 40,000 which is post date. Also the female told me I can cancel the policy within 15 days after I receive the policy document and the loan amount will be disbursed within 15 days after the policy goes live for which I was satisfied. Now lets see what happens next. If I don’t receive the amount within the given time I will be cancelling the policy by visiting Exide Life Insurance branch. When I calculated, If I pay INR 40,000 as annual premium for an insurance policy which comes to monthly INR 3333.33 * 250 my sum assured for that policy comes to around INR 833332 so the benefits will be taken by the company for providing a zero % interest personal loan. I was just satisfied because the deal took in white money (Cheque payment). Hope for the best and I would love to see your reply guys on this.

      1. ruchin says:

        So have you received loan amount as i have received same call today frim HDFC so thinking weather to go for it or not

        1. chetan says:

          I have given my documents but till now the insurance policy is not processed.

          1. Saurabh says:

            Hey did you get the loan amount then?

  77. Vamsi says:

    Got a similar call. Requested for a mail from the caller and was told that’s not possible. I am sure this is a scam.

  78. varun kumar says:

    I Need to personal lon on 0% interst rate

    1. Dilipkumar says:

      Hi All I also get this kind of same call from the HDFC bank. and I call to the customer care of hdfc bank they denied that they did’t not launch this kind of plan. so be care full friends

      1. Jatin says:

        Thanks man ! I offered her a visit at their office and she disconnected the call!

  79. bhagyaraj says:

    Even i got a call few days back from DHFL saying they are providing PL with 0% interest. I went DHFL pramercia office to check if it’s true. The person sitting there said, there is no such loan being provided. And it’s not actually DHFL but their agent SD brokers who do deal on behalf of DHFL. They are planning to initiate an action against that agency. I am not sure how much it’s true, but hope it helps.

    1. Thanks for your comment bhagyaraj

    2. Mayuresh says:

      Even I got a call from DHFL saying they have a 0% rate hoam loan. They can provide me 70 lakhs loan for 20 years for which I have to pay 3.5 lacs per year as an EMI which I have to pay in advance. When asked about the procedure documents she refused saying that will be provided once ur documents are verified and loan is approved.

      Observed 2 things
      1) She called me from mobile number
      2) the email what she sent was

      Just concerned about whats the risk if unknowingly we send our documents to them


      1. Deal with the person who is authorised from bank only !

  80. mahesh says:

    I also receive same call from DHFL PERSON.

    i was recored that person voice & keep as a backup on email &of my friends.

    then i send it to company mail id.

    then are ready to get back my policy.

  81. BRAD says:

    I got call from this both numbers 9311238364/9312643665 not quite sure whether its is genuine or not.

  82. Yograj says:

    I also got same call from 01203961900

  83. Ranjeet says:

    I have spoken to 1800227227 no
    this is hdfc banks insurance departments no
    He( mohan )said there agents intentionaly give wrong info to sell the product and strictky said not to pay attention to these agents, there is a sceme like this but heybprovide loan after 3 years not before that when the 10% of the loan amount of 300000 has been deposited

    so those all people are liers do not believe them for more info call on the above no.

  84. AG says:

    I too got the same call from HDFC. Can we not report it to the HDFC. That they are using your name for cheating people.

  85. harrysharma says:

    Hi RD I also got the same call but this time it was from citibank, can you please elaborate some more about the product as I need loan but not want to get fished.. please help.

  86. ashalanshu says:

    Dear ACHI, in simple words, it’s cheating.



  87. ACHI says:

    Hi I also got the same call but the payment mode will be annually. As you said if your loan amount is 3 lakh then you have to pay 30000 every year for 10 years and the policy bond will remain near HDFC bank as security. Is this plan actually launched by HDFC bank or it is a cheating? Please clarify.///

  88. RD says:

    I called the executive again.
    There is provision in the GSIP policy of over draft (OD) so using this facility they will provide 3 lacs in advance to me.
    In policy document it will also be mentioned that i want to use this OD facility and within 30-45 days this amount will be disbursed to me.

  89. RD, This way you take 3L from HDFC and pay 3.54L which is an interest rate of 3.5%!

  90. RD says:

    Ashal and TheZionView rightly pointed out abt Pl after 15 days free look up period.

    I am also going to ask wil they disburse loan amt with Policy only and if not what is the assurance that they will disburse loan amt. Will you provide any PL document (loan agrement etc) wiht policy document.

  91. RD says:

    Hi All,
    Today i got call again and asked him some more queries. Below is the summary.

    How they (HDFC bank) make money. Here is the explanation.(very clever plan).

    1) The insurence plan that they will offer is HDFC GSIP (guarenteed saving insurance plan). Suppose i take 3 lacs PL so my emi for 10 yrs will be 30 Thousand. first EMI i have to pay advance i.e. 30 thousand. With these 30 thousand they will open a HDFC GSIP plan.

    2) The plan i.e. HDFC GSIP will have guranteed return 12% everry year (will be printed on policy document but i doubt). 12% of 30 thousand will be 3200 so HDFC bank will take around 75% of 3200 and rest money i will get (25% of 3200 )

    in 10 yrs return will be 32 k (3200 per year). 75% of these 32 K will go to HDFC bank and rest i will get.

    Now where is 3 lacs. After completion of 10 yrs this plan(HDFC GSIP) will return back 3 lacs to me (remember 30 k emi every year that i have given as premium) and this 3 lacs amount HDFC bank will get. So this way HDFC bank will get its 3 lacs + 75% of returns genertaed from the plan.

    Insurance company also got the buisness this way. Everyone is Happy.

    There is catch “what if they dont give the PL and only offer POLICY”. I am going to ask him this question and update you.
    Pl not i am not taking any Loan from HDFC bank but i was just curious to know “How is that possible PL at 0%” . I have the cell no of guy who called me so if you have any query which i should ask him, pl let me know.

    1. Ramesh says:

      I cannot find any HDFC GSIP plan. So…

      There is an ICICI GSIP plan which provides a guarantee of 50% of 10 year long term G-Sec (which means a max of 4-5%, if not lower).

      In this game, it seems money is being created out of nothing. Never has worked ever.

  92. Dear RD, there is no plan as such & in effect it’s another tool to make fool. Calculation can be given by others on how it’s not possible but I’m using just common sense. Pay your ins. prem. now, wait for personal loan, which ‘ll never come & remember, the waiting period for loan disbursal is 30-45 days & interestingly, the free look period as per IRDA norms is only 15 days from the date of policy recieved by you. So once the policy is with you, you ‘ll not surender to avail that 0% PL which ‘ll not be disbursed. Now at this point you can not surrender as free look period is over. Now you know who is making money & who is paying that money.

    Should I add more?



  93. TheZionView says:

    ha ha ha a new way to fool people

    Let me tell you what will happen.Lets take the statement made
    “30 thousand in advance and with this money we will open a HDFC insurance policy for you (3 life lakh cover + 3 lakh medical cover) and in next 30-45 days we will disburse your loan amount i.e. 3 lakh in you account.”

    So if you say Yes i needed it. The agent will come to your home and ask you to fill the documents of Insurance policy and will ask you for this “Advance EMI” cheque for the insurance policy. Now after you sign at wherever he shows he will say ,expect to get personal loan credited in 30-45 days.

    After 30 days or about 20 days you will contact HDFC and inquire about your personnel loan status. They will tell you that you have never applied for one.Ha!

    Now you realise that agent who came has fooled you but the free lookin period of 15 days would have expired already!

    Now agent would have accomplished clean job of misselling πŸ™‚

    Questions you can ask here is
    1.12% per annum in a commissioned debt based insurance product are you kidding me ?
    2.Show me the company brochure for this product( it will not existed other than may be a photocopy or printed copy made by the agent himself)
    3.Where hell is HDFC making money here??? they are paying me 3% free of cost on their money????

    Always remember there is no free lunch

  94. Too good to be true; They are obviosly bluffing. Stay away!

  95. Anshul Gupta says:

    I have heard about such plans from Reliance and Birla Sunlife. When I asked them to mail the financials they refused. Any idea what is this ?

  96. RD says:

    I will get back to you in more detail about this plan. Waiting for Executive to call me back..

  97. Assuming one pays 3,30000 for a 300000 loan this is like an interest rate of 2%
    It sounds fishy but will need to be clear about the numbers to see what the effective interest is:
    Can you please explain this part
    Now every year you get 12% return on EMI you are paying (30 thousand per annum for 10 yrs) so after completion of 10 yr,

    in more detail. Are you saying HDFC will take our EMI and invest it in something that offers 12% return per year? from hdfc view how can this be guaranteed?

    We will give you 12% of your total returns and out of these 12% HDFC will get 9% and remaining 3% you will get.

    This also is not clear Are you saying we will get 3% of total returns?

    1. JK says:

      Hi All,
      I received a call today from HDFC bank saying that theyare providing loan at 0% . Logic given
      1. They have teie up with liw insurance banks like Reliance, Future Generali.
      2. Policy will be delivered in 2 weeks and then hdfc bank will come with their lawyer and will change the beneficiary and nomini name to HDFC bank.
      3. Post which within 2 to 3 days loan amount will be disbursed in my account.
      4. I only need to pay 10% amount of loan as premium on yearly basis for next 10 years.
      5. Once policy geta matured, HDFC will encash the policy and I’ll not get a peny.

      Thus if I get a loan of 10L, I pay 1L annually for 10 years i.e., 10 L in 10 yrs. Thus, I pay only tue principal amount and 0 interest.

      I don’t know if this call is fake or what kind of catch is here. The logic seems to be convincing if the loan amount get disbursed in 2 to 3 days.

      Received similar call from Standard Chartered.


      1. SK says:

        Hi All,

        yesterday i also have recd same call from HDFC Bank but company names are different ie. HDFC Life, Bajaj Alliance and Exide insurnace only. i have chked it with HDFC Bank, then they are saying, it may be for selling of their insurnace policy only actually aisa koi plan nahi hai. so be aware, it may be fake calls just to sell policies only.

        1. Docs4Ref says:

          Hi All,

          I too received similar calls proposed by Bajaj and Hdfc. Asking to switch from my existing housing load company to them.
          Scheme remains the same, like dividing overall outstanding principle by 120 months, pay installments in either monthly, quarterly or yearly payments without any mortgages and linked to insurance policy and market linked mutual plans.
          Surprisingly, I asked them to share a copy of proposal form or application form for my references and the executive just disconnects the call. Did not return any calls back. Beware of such attractive offers !!!

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