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how is classic assurance plan offered by hdfc

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  1. Raj says:

    Pls guide me if HDFC Life Classic Assured Plus Plan is good to invest ?My main reason to pick this plan is ,it is giving almost 12% return .
    Pls guide if it is good to invest?Main points which till date attracted me :
    1.Covered under 80C & 10(10D).
    2.Giving 12% return compare to less than 9% by PPF.
    3.Directly deal with HDFC Sales guy.
    4.Following new IRDA rules .
    5.Only 2 year locking period .
    6.I am already having pure term plan & also investing in MF .
    7.Sales guy told that as we are directly dealing so there will not be any administration,maintenance or any other hidden charges .

    Simple plan explained to me that I need to pay Rs. 1 lakh every year for 7 years and in 10th year from date of start of policy , I will get 16.5 lakh assured sum if I will pay my premium ontime till 7 years .

    I want to know why I should not invest in this plan even though above points are promised to be given in written. Thanks in advance for your time .

    1. I dont recommend it

  2. Dear Purnima, Have you purchased this plan or are you planning to purchase it? Please clarify.



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