HDFC Click2Protect v/s Kotak E-Preferred Term Insurance plan

POSTED BY jaikishancool ON January 28, 2012 1:27 am COMMENTS (5)

I want to your expert advice on these two company Term insurance plans. After going to bit of research n analysis, I shortlisted these two Term insurance plans i.e Kotak e-preferred and HDFC Protect.
Kotak :
Advantage : * Step up and Step down option at different phases of Life.
* Decent claim ratio.
* Provision to convert to other Kotak Life insurance plan after 5 yrs.
Lacking : * No Riders. (which doesn’t bothered me much)
* Term only 30 yrs max. My age is 27yrs. (27+30 =57 yrs).
* No coverage for Terrorist attack. (Some say it Marketing Gimmick 😉
Advantage : * Good claim ratio
* Company reputation with better track record.
Lacking : * No riders.
* Term only 30 yrs max.
* No coverage for Terrorist attack
Let me know your thoughts.

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  1. Sunil Gupta says:

    Advantage@HDFC :
    * Claim ratio — TRY to Buy HDFC Click 2 protect, buying experience would surely going to give the necessary “experience” to ascertain that families would be able to claim or not.
    * Track Record : A good track record of non-responsiveness & irresponsibility.

  2. Dear jaikishan, as far as I know, there is no such discrimination of death arising due to terrorist attack or natural calamities or for God sake AIDS. In case of AIDS, if the person is clean at the time of purchasing the policy & same is reflected in his medical report, AIDS can not be a reason for claim denial.

    That’s my view only. Please check the wordings of individual policy.

    Regarding Aviva – Well a little disclosure from my side, I recently purchased a term cover from aviva. The prem. was loaded up But I accept the same for the reason – due to my nature of Job, the insurer is well aware of it’s risks on my life & agree to cover the same.



  3. Dear Jaikishan, can you please throw some more light on this Terrorist attack issue?

    By the way, Aviva is offering 35Y term, why did you left it?



    1. says:

      Hi Ashal,
      I read somewhere that Term Insurance plans doesn’t cover dead due to Natural calamity like Earthquake, Nuclear War,Terrosit attack, HIV AIDS,etc which falls under general exlusion of all the Insurance. However, I am not 100% sure on this. Few companies say they cover dead under ANY circumtances.
      Secondly,yes i am aware of Aviva 35 yrs however I opted out that based on reviews n customer service, increasig of premium after medical test even for healthy state guy n claim ratio. It’s just my assumption.
      BTW, I m also waiting for LIC online offerring. Rumors r prevalling frm last 5 mnths but no concreate data. My plan is to go 75L with Kotal/HDFC now n later on 75L with LIC once online availbility with reduced premium.

      1. CJ says:

        Well I feel Aviva Would have been a good choice for you.
        I disagree with you regarding increase in premiums because most of the insurers hedge their risk and may charge you a bit higher premium if they find some fault in your medicinal test. Well that’s a reality and all insurers will do the same.

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