Having Two health insurance policies vs Top up plans

POSTED BY Chaitanya ON August 9, 2013 2:13 pm ONE COMMENT

 I am 35years, I have 2 Health insurance family floater policies 1)Oriental Happy family floater premium 6000/yr; SA=4Lacs is to be renewed in two days. 2)Star health family health optima premium 8000/yr; SA=5Lacs bought 3 months back.

My Q1)Do I renew the Oriental HFF and increase the SA by 1Lac or take a top up plan for Star health later. Q2)Should I discontinue the Oriental HFF.

I want higher SA in coming years & planning to increase SA by 1Lac every year If I have to keep Both the policies. Suggest a proper channel. 

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  1. Forget about top up policies. Keep the two floater plans. Increase the SA in at least one policy each year.

    Top up policies are complicated, and one should not depend on it. If the need arises you can always get it anytime. However if you have enough SA in both policies you may never need a top up

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