Have I made wrong investment , can you please check ?

POSTED BY sharmila meher ON January 4, 2014 12:21 pm COMMENTS (8)

Dear Sir,

As suggested by u I take  1 ) pure term policy of Husband 

In another policy we paid 10000/- for three year, below is the status of that policy , shall we continue with the same ?? pls help us

2) Policy  Bajaj Allianz policy i paid for 3 yr Rs 10000/- each will matures in 2027

3)  TATa AIA Lakshya Plus policy the below are details, shall we pay for 5 yrs( lockin period) or continue till policy mature, also suggest for switches
4) for my wife the  only policy i took is NEW BIMA GOLD  covering 105000/- having qtrly premium 1490/- for 16 yr
5) In LIC also Market plus policy i paid for 3 yr Rs 10000/– each will matures in 2027
6) I am planning to invest Rs 25000/- every year in April in PPF
I would like to ask about the TATA AIA , shall we continue investing in that or stop or make switches??
Do you think I have made any wrong investment then what do I do?
Any other suggestion ??
Thanx & regards


8 replies on this article “Have I made wrong investment , can you please check ?”

  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Sharmila, if it’s investment according to your own understanding, what ‘ll be your earning from these policies?



  2. sharmila meher says:

    Hello Everybody,

    But now suggest me about the things i invested , what do i do in future of this?

  3. sharmila meher says:

    Sorry I will remove all the details , but why do u think its not investment?

    1. Hi Sharmila

      I dont think you have revealed any personal information , You have just put numbers and products, If you need advice , then you need to atleast share that much info . Its ok , do not remove it !

  4. rahul123 says:

    Why are you giving your personal details on this forum? It is not safe, if possible please delete this post….

    1. Hi Rahul

      Why do you think its “personal details” . Thats the minimum data one needs to provide to get info . Personal Info is bank account number, PAN number, contact details which can be exploited by others, How is telling about your investments such a big threat ? And if thats not given , how will someone take advice ?

      1. rahul123 says:

        I don’t know whether this is edited or not. But i believe earlier the name of the policy and the policy no was clearly mentioned. I want to say please don’t provide that information. Mentioning the name of policy and amount invested is ok, but if you add other details like – policy holders name, number, date of issuance is not ok.


  5. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Sharmila, you are counting these policies (except Term plan) as investment, that says a lot in itself for your wrong thinking. Should I add more?

    PPF part is OK.



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