handy sheet for filing income tax returns

POSTED BY Hitesh Poladia ON July 10, 2012 4:43 pm ONE COMMENT


I want to prepare a sheet wherein i can enter monthly transactions related to income tax like premiums for insurance, investment in ELSS, interest from savings account, loss/ gains in shares, interest from deposits and all such transaction which will be of use during filing returns , especially online.
Normally, during giving details for investments to our employers for TDS at the onset of financial year, we tend to give a tentative details, which will differ with actual details at the end if fin. year.
I plan to fill the sheet on a monthly basis for transactions under different heads.
So can we list out the different heads to be included in the sheet ?



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  1. Dear Hitesh, you can prepare a plain exl. sheet yourself as per your requirement. Apart from that you may check perfios also.



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