Guidance on lumpsum investment on mutual fund

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Hi All,

I have around 5 lacks of lumpsum money, I already have FD & PPF.So I don’t want to put it into that.I don’t have any mutual fund. Since the markets are high is it better to invest in mutual fund now?If yes which are the mutual funds I can invest. I would like to invest for 3 years so that there won’t be any tax .

I prefer to distribute my investment in below find of funds

  • 1 large cap fund
  • 1 multicap fund
  • 1 midcap fund

I am I thinking in right direction?Your quidance is much appreciated



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  1. sharath Mumbai says:

    You already have your exposure to debt in for of FDs. Now invest this money in equity. however lump sum investment in equity is not advisable. Instead, you can invest in a liquid fund from the same fund house and opt for a STP (systematic transfer) in to an equity fund (monthly/ fort nightly)

  2. anilmegur says:

    Thanks Hemanth for the infomration.

    Since bank interest rates are most likely to fall in year 2015, it is better to invest now in debt fund ?


  3. Hemanth says:

    large cap fund, multicap fund, midcap fund that u r planning to invest will come under equity funds. All the capital gains that u get from equity funds are not taxable if you redeem after 1 year and not 3 years as you said.

    You are in right direction.

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