GSIP with ICICI – should I continue ?

POSTED BY AadhavR ON December 6, 2014 7:27 pm NO COMMENTS


I need your opinion here.

I have bank account with ICICI which opened back in 2005, and have been eagerly looking for bank locker, 3 yrs waited to get the locker, finally a locker was free so the bank manager said if I do an investment with ICICI  they will facilitate the locker, because I was looking for locker eagerly I agreed to invest in GSIP blind eye without even reading the product document much, I hate myself on this whenever I think about it.

So agreed to pay 1.9L per annum for 7yrs but the pay back will be after 15yrs. But after signing only my mind asked me to read the product document, reviews etc and I am very disappointed reading the review as they all -ve. I have started this in 2011 so have already paid 3yrs premium. The product says if I want to cancel the policy then the amount I will get back will be 35% total premium paid minus 1st premium so if I cancel now I will only get 133000 RS  so I will end up with loosing 4.4Lakhs so my question is,  is it really worth continuing the policy or should I cancel rightaway and invest the same amount else where?


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